Achieve more than you ever believed possible!

Designed specifically for the development of owner-managers within the construction and trades industry, the Business Growth Programme helps you create the future you want for your business and for yourself.

Our Business Growth Academy was designed specifically for construction business owners just like you.

This course is one of the most impactful, dynamic, and effective courses on the market, created to put more precious time back in your diary, and more profits in your pocket, giving your the freedom to work ON and IN your business.

Our step-by-step programme has been crafted to help you build your business with clear, easy to follow strategies that really work.

The result? A profitable, successful business you are proud of.

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What you get…

  • A fully-funded (yes, really) business development programme via CITB Skills & Training with 39 hrs CPD certification

  • Monthly digital training sessions for six months, delivered via Zoom and designed to work around your schedule
  • Lifetime access to your own online interactive training portal so you can keep levelling up
  • Pro bono coaching and mentoring from industry experts
  • Lifetime access to all six training modules, so you can reattend at any time
  • Access to multiple private, high-calibre social media networking groups where you can connect with others
  • Free invites to monthly construction sector education sessions, delivered by industry leaders

…and how it benefits you

  • Your fully personalised 12-month business development plan will keep you focused on high-value activities, ensuring you stay on track with your goals
  • You receive multiple business development and marketing opportunities within the programme for hands-on learning 
  • You’ll get under the skin of how to measure (and increase) your profitability
  • You’ll learn time-saving strategies so you can work on and in your business, without burning out
  • You’ll gain valuable leadership and self-development skills, so you can keep learning for life
  • You’ll develop unshakeable confidence in your skills, becoming the kind of entrepreneur that chooses your customers
  • And lastly? No more wondering ‘what if?’. You will know how to keep unlocking and growing your true business potential

A word of caution!

Are you ready for real change?

The Business Growth Academy is not for everyone.

You’ve heard that size matters, and it’s true – but the size we’re thinking of is your willingness to take part.

We don’t care if you’re a solo contractor or run a big team.

We do care that you’re here to get out what you put in, and are ready to bring 100% of your energy, focus and drive to taking decisive action.

If you really are serious about developing your company and your business, this is the programme for you.

We know you’re no stranger to hard graft. So register now, and get ready to transform your business.


What can you expect?

Are you ready to deep dive into your WHY and break the C.O.D.E for business success?

You MUST know the importance of knowing WHY you started the business, HOW you can build a business whilst still being authentic, and WHAT needs to be done to ensure you have a solid foundation moving forward.

You’ll also discover how to build a successful; business within the construction industry from the Fundamentals, Foundations to Growth.

Finally, we look at why your vision, values, and purpose understand why they are so critical, showing you how to establish a business that’s true to you and your customers.

To lead and manage others, you must learn how to lead, manage, and motivate yourself. Self-Leadership and M.E.N.T.A.L agility is the key to success and failure; without first leading yourself, you will never truly find business success.

Your M.E.N.T.A.L agility is made up of five key components that enable you to make the transition from owning a business to thinking like an entrepreneurial business owner.

By taking control of yourself and your business, you can ask better questions of where you are now and where you need to be, then look at ways of bridging that gap.

Let’s be clear – this is not just a time management module.

T.I.M.E for success is about letting yourself accept that you cannot do everything yourself, helping you focus on your high payoff activities instead.

We teach you that it’s OK to say no. We show you the importance of recognising the ‘Significance’ of all your decisions. We teach you our unique planning and defining processes to bring the future into the present.

Most importantly, we help you maximise your time by showing you how to ask the right questions so that you’re always focused in the right direction.

Know Your Numbers; we make pounds and pence make sense. As you know, the management of your finances can make or break any construction company.

We teach you how to ask your accountant better questions for a fuller picture of your business finances.

We also show you how to understand your key business accounts, including crucial construction industry-specific metrics and profit analysis, so you can spot challenges, recognise opportunities, and make informed decisions through your numbers.

The result? A profitable business that makes you feel proud.

Let’s take the growing pains out of business growth.

Every developing construction company will need more people, sooner or later.

Whether you bring on permanent staff or hire trusted sub-contractors, creating a high-performance team is critical to your company’s continued success and growth.

In this module, we get stuck into motivation, performance, target setting, defining roles, rules, and responsibilities – helping you tap into your people’s potential for good.

We all work best with clearly defined goals, from completing a refurb on a budget to growing your construction business to £10M annual turnover.

Remember the old saying, though – a goal without a plan is just a wish!
We’ll teach you our tried and tested process for setting and achieving your objectives by focusing on what matters most to you and your business.

Looking at your daily, weekly, and monthly goals, we help you make high performance a habit.

Best of all, in this module, you’ll develop a detailed 12-month business development plan so you can get your personal and professional goals moving in the right direction immediately.


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