Your best asset is your people, and you know it

Good leadership is the difference between getting by in business, and getting on.

The Power Within is an SQA Approved Training Centre, and we design, develop, and deliver high quality leadership qualifications and certifications.

When you’re looking for courses for individuals, your team, or the entire business, our expert approach ensures consistency, efficiency, and effectiveness.


Leadership and Motivation (SCQF level 6)

In this course, we help people develop an introductory knowledge and understanding of leadership as a concept.

We know that motivation is crucial in creating consistently high performance across your team. This is why we also take a deep dive into the ties between leadership and motivation, supporting candidates as they discover how different leadership styles and skills can motivate others to become more effective.

This course is ideal for people who are interested in leadership development, and aspire to take on a leadership role in the future.

Completing this course also creates a strong foundation for people who want to take leadership and management courses at more advanced level.


Management: Developing Self-Management Skills (SCQF level 7)

We dive into helping candidates on this course recognise the importance of personal development. We also help them to get to grips with the self-development skills which will support their growth as they progress through their career.

As a result of this course, people become more self-aware in terms of their personal and career goals. They also gain insight into how these can be influenced by things like work-life balance, and their personal values and ethics.

We teach people practical ways to apply these new self-awareness skills, by preparing, implementing, and evaluating a personal development plan.

We emphasise that continuous professional development is a vital part to sparking and sustaining a successful managerial career.

If you have previous experience of working in a position with management responsibilities, or are returning to management after a break, this course could be ideal for you. And even if you don’t have prior management experience, it may still be suitable for you, if you aspire to take up a management role in the future.


Management: Organisational Leadership and Development (SCQF level 7)

In this course, we are laser-focused on teaching candidates how to analyse the processes and factors which contribute to the development of an organisational vision.

We also help people to understand how those processes and factors can influence the way a company can create its own leaders.

Offering candidates the opportunity to get under the skin of current thinking around organisational development, we demonstrate how to analyse different approaches to company-led leadership development.

If you work in a position with management responsibilities, are returning to a similar role after a break., or don’t happen to have current experience but have previously studied management practice, this course could be ideal for you.

This course also offers you a solid foundation for further study of management at SCQF level 8 or above.


Executive Diploma: Leading with Motivational Intelligence (MQ) the DNA of a Growth Mindset

In a world wrought with disruption, uncertainty and turbulence, a new level of leadership is required. Today, leaders must understand how to engage virtual teams, foster collaboration, partner with the organisation, and, most importantly, help people adapt and grow in a highly dynamic work environment.

To accomplish these mission-critical objectives, today’s leaders must possess a higher-level insight into human nature. They need to understand what holds people back, what slows the adoption of change and, exactly what they need to do as leaders to unshackle human potential.

The Leading with Motivational Intelligence course is the world’s first accredited Executive Diploma specifically designed to help progressive-minded leaders adapt to today’s dynamic business environment. Focusing on the issues and challenges created by disruption and turbulence, the course addresses topics ranging from leading/managing virtual teams to helping employees more readily orient to an everchanging world.

Beyond IQ and EQ, we have the MQ revolution.

WORLDS FIRST SQA CERTIFIED LEADERSHIP TRAINING https://www.thepowerwithintraining.com/mq/

Discover the difference between better and best

Our new Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) approved Motivational Intelligence Executive Diploma helps you get under the skin of the essential practices that take leaders from better to best.

Focusing on imparting fundamental skills, tactical best practices, and powerful insights on the business's human side, the course provides valuable knowledge to leaders of all levels. Particular emphasis is given to addressing the challenges the new business world is facing; leading teams and developing business in turbulent times.

Every module is a natural evolution of the one before it, guiding you think BIGGER, be BETTER and achieve MORE, every day.

Throughout the course, particular emphasis is given to helping leaders raise motivational intelligence levels and foster a team's growth mindset. An increasing body of evidence shows a direct correlation between motivational intelligence and human performance, particularly in a time of rapid change.

Fully assessed, with practical activities and real insight, you will be equipped to lead well in your world – whatever that world looks like.

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In our first module, we lay solid foundations for your success, and help to set positive expectations – of ourselves, and others.

We bond together, get a good grasp of the tools we will use, and show you the superpower of adult learning – helping you discover and retain new knowledge.

Intelligence and success – two of the most important factors in our careers, and typically, ones that we get wrong.

In this module, we dispel the myths that hold you back from reaching your fullest potential. Discussing EQ, IQ, and MQ, we help you define a team vision and explore new mindsets.

In our third module, we unpack the key pillars of human performance – those crucial ‘people problems’ that can become roadblocks for businesses everywhere.

Developing a strong mindset, we dive into the three essential Motivational Intelligence principles: Unlimited Potential, Before You Can Have You Must Become and, Ultimate Responsibility.

Have you ever thought that management and leadership are the same thing? In module four, we take a good look at the differences in focus and function between leadership and management.

We also define and demonstrate two common mistakes that manager make, and give you five key actions to become a great manager.

We believe leadership benefits from more definition. Working as a group, we navigate what leadership actually is, and how you can be a successful leader.

We discuss how you can use a deliberate practice of leadership, coupled with reflection and feedback, to really serve others in your community.

In our sixth module, we pause to integrate your learning, recapping and reflecting on everything that has been discussed to date.

We reinforce learning by getting deeper into certain topics, making sense as a group, and sharing our understanding.

Having defined leadership in our fifth module, we now get into exploring it as a concept, and how leaders can become more effective as coaches and mentors.

We build on our ideas and understanding, discuss the hierarchy or success, and demonstrate how gaps in our beliefs can sabotage our growth – and what to do about them.

The human mind is the most powerful tool on the planet, and its impact on leadership is significant. In this module, we peel back the layers of how the human mind works, and communication’s role in getting the best out of ourselves, and our people.

We look at proven strategies for closing belief gaps, and show you how to remove excuses, rationalisations, and blame from your vocabulary.

Adaptability, courage, and self-esteem – essential core beliefs for a powerful team.

Module nine explains how self-esteem influences Motivational Intelligence, the power of feedback and its interpretation, and how you can use the practice of self-reflection to raise Motivational Intelligence in your team.

In this module, we help you help employees develop a healthy perspective and resilient attitude – essential factors in having a workforce that can tackle the challenges of tomorrow, head on.

Understanding the power of your thought process, conscious affirmations, and the use of these assertions to overcome negativity are our three focus areas, helping you to improve team perspectives for good.

Our last module consolidates your learning and understanding of management and leadership, so that you can create the perfect blend.

We review everything you’ve learned to date, and discuss how you can strike the best balance, showing you how to build a complete game plan, so you can hit the ground running.