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Our Motivational Intelligence Executive Management course is targeted at transitional leadership development to adapt to market dynamics.


Executive Diploma: Leading With Motivational Intelligence

Leading your team or business through transitions or adapting to change is a vital leadership skill that most find challenging. The Power Within Training is dedicated to giving leaders, managers, and businesses throughout England and the UK the executive leadership skills needed to transform their businesses. Neuroscientists have now discovered why people perceive risk, resist change, and cling to the legacy ways they approach their role. With this discovery, we’ve found a practical approach for removing this resistance and fostering greater employee accountability, adaptability, and resilience. The answer was uncovered in the emerging field of Motivational Intelligence.

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This course has completely changed my outlook on my responsibilities as a manager/leader. To say I have a new perspective is an understatement; I now have the tools to make a massive difference in how I run my company and my life; it has put a new voice in my head that is now directing me in ways I had not thought of before.

"If you want a better chance in life and business, do not hesitate to do this course."


The Role of Motivational Leadership

Our motivational leadership courses are rooted in the science of Motivational Intelligence. Motivational Intelligence is designed as an individual’s ability to identify and manage negative thoughts and self-limiting beliefs to overcome obstacles and accomplish goals. Using motivational intelligence and our management development program provides you with the skills and tools needed to face high-level challenges and put thoughts into action while paving the way to a vision. Motivation relies on the learning process of an individual and their ability to observe the relationship between performance and outcome. Motivational leaders can evoke and see the best in their employees and inspire them to work toward a common goal.


Objectives of our Motivational Leadership Courses

The management development program we offer is the world’s first accredited Executive Diploma specifically designed to help progressive-minded leaders adapt to today’s business environment. We focus on issues and challenges created by disruption and turbulence. Our motivational leadership courses address topics ranging from leading/managing virtual teams to helping employees more readily orient to an ever-changing world. The Power Within focuses on imparting fundamental skills, tactical best practices, and powerful insights into the human side of the business. Leadership training provides valuable knowledge to leaders of all levels. The management portion of our leadership training teaches participants how to define the proper team goals, translate them into actionable plans and communicate them in a way that encourages buy-in. Lastly, the leadership portion focuses on developing people by shifting negative thoughts and self-limiting beliefs such that individuals give themselves permission to learn, grow, and execute new strategies and plans.

Here are some additional objects of our motivational leadership courses:

  • To Understand the Role of Motivation in the Workplace
  • To Develop a Deep Understanding of the Different Types of Motivation and How They Can Be Applied to Improve Team Performance
  • To Learn How to Use Motivational Intelligence to Create a Positive and Productive Work Environment
  • To Develop the Skills Needed to Increase Employee Engagement and Drive Business Results
  • To Practice Effective Leadership Techniques that Foster Motivation and Engagement


Our Leading with Motivational Intelligence (MQ) Executive Diploma Programme is specifically designed to help participants create the “complete game” of leadership and management.

Leveraged by more than 40% of the largest Fortune 500 companies and implemented around the world, the Leading with Motivational Intelligence (MQ) consistently receives a participant buy-in rate in excess of 97%. However, the most important statistic is:

12 months after completing the course more than 93% of participants continue to use the skills and techniques taught on a daily basis.


Are There Different Types of Motivational Leadership?

Motivation is the fuel that drives the accomplishment of a goal; without any motivation, the goal becomes another difficult task. Motivational leadership means understanding that regardless of whether you’re leading a small group or an entire business, your leadership and motivational style can significantly impact the effectiveness of your effort. There are several leadership and motivation styles, but the challenge comes with finding the most appropriate for you and your team. In our leadership development program, we’ll discuss leadership motivational skills while working with you to find the best one. Motivational leadership either takes the form of intrinsic or extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation motivates your team to be rewarded internally, and extrinsic motivation uses compensation as a driving force. Compensation can be salary, bonuses, goods, money, or even an appraisal.  Here are some examples of different intrinsic and extrinsic motivational types:

  • Competence Motivation – This style is driven by curiosity and a willingness to know more and cultivate additional skills. This style’s central pillar is building more expertise on a subject matter as a noncompetition among peers.
  • Achievement Motivation – Achievement motivation is similar to competence, as it aims to achieve personal development goals. This could take the form of a title within the company. An example could be in your sales department, where a leaderboard or wall of fame is used to track sales.
  • Reward-Based Motivation – This is probably the only motivational type most are aware of, as it’s the easiest way to get a fast motivational boost. The main issue with this type of motivation is that employees get used to it, and the effects don’t last long.

Understand the Importance of Motivation Skills in Leadership

Motivation drives nearly every action of our lives. Motivational leadership drives the why behind every business idea that’s ever been put into action. As a leader or manager, you must understand the importance of motivating team members, and being able to do this effectively is a requirement in every manager, leader, or business owner’s toolkit. Our management development program builds on best practices, strategic insights, and lessons learned over three decades of building leadership universities for Fortune 500 companies. Focusing on imparting fundamental skills to our executive development course offers powerful insights into the human side of the business. You’ll gain the skills needed to foster a growth mindset within your team. Here are some additional reasons why motivational leadership matters:

  • Improved Performance – Motivated employees can drive the performance of your business. When your employees are motivated, you’ll find lower levels of absenteeism, improved relationships between managers and employees, and improved worker performance throughout your business.
  • Enhanced Innovation – Motivation is a significant force behind innovative ideas. You’re more likely to identify workplace improvement opportunities when your team is motivated.
  • Improved Workplace Culture – Employee motivation and your workplace culture are closely linked. When you take our leadership development program, you’ll discover that a motivated workforce brings commitment, and drive, which enhances your business’s overall morale and creates a positive work culture.

Motivational Leadership Techniques That Foster Engagement

When employees are unmotivated or disengaged, it’s easy to blame tools, processes, or contributing factors. Often, disengagement comes down to a lack of effective leadership. Our leadership training program will help you unlock what leaders need to inspire their employees to do their job and find purpose within their roles. Here are some ways you can apply what you learned during your leadership development program to encourage collaborative leadership and inspire your team to do their very best work:

  • Employees Trust Leaders Whom Both Lead and Follow – Good leaders don’t needlessly exhibit authoritative behaviour. Good leaders show their team that they are willing to roll up their sleeves and work with their team to improve the business.
  • Passion and Positivity Increase Employee Performance – Effective motivational leadership combines finding meaning in work, leveraging connection and community, converting stress into opportunity, taking actions despite the risk, and lastly, maintaining the energy of others through motivation. Show enthusiasm in your business, which will convey your passion to others and can help increase performance and employee engagement.
  • Effective Leadership Prioritizes Business – Successful leaders are more about short-term goals than reaching the next milestone and contributing to your overall business. Practical leadership qualities include providing growth opportunities, inspiring and motivating employees, being open and trusting, and assessing and managing risks. These decisions lead to more long-term success for your business.

How To Register For Our Leadership Development Program


Our motivational leadership courses are open to leaders, managers, and business owners looking to quickly adapt their team to change and effectively mentor every team member. The modules in our leadership development program are live virtual instructor-led sessions that meet twice per month for about three and a half hours. These modules incorporate insightful discussions and engaging group conversations designed to shift limiting mindsets, isolate best practices and foster actionable strategies that can be applied immediately. To apply for the course, we ask that you register your interest. Once submitted, The Power Within will contact you to discuss options for fully-funded or partially-funded training opportunities.

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The Power Within is the Motivational Intelligence company dedicated to helping your business become more accountable, resilient, adaptable, and capable of handling all the challenges they encounter. Our leading with Motivational Intelligence Executive Diploma course has been built leveraging Nobel Prize-winning research and the latest advancements to ensure everything necessary for meaningful change is in place. Our leadership development program is fully accredited and internationally recognized for its effectiveness in developing world-class leaders. We want to give you the tools, techniques, and knowledge to think bigger, be better, and achieve more. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our leadership development program.

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