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The Power Within Training is a leadership and business development company that operates at the intersection of the most cutting-edge research in neuroscience and the most recent cognitive social psychology discoveries.

It is about what unlocks us, what opens our mind and what allows us to THINK BIGGER, BE BETTER, and ACHIEVE MORE.

The science behind our approach to developing motivational intelligence has won a Nobel Prize and been named as one of the top ten most promising scientific discoveries of the 20th century.

Motivational Intelligence (Mq) is our third level of intelligence, it's the DNA of a growth mindset.

Welcome to the motivational intelligence (Mq) revolution.


What do we do for you?

  • Construction Business Growth Academy

    This business accelerator programme has been created to put more precious time back in your diary, so you can work on and in your business.

    Our step-by-step programme has been crafted to help you build your business with clear, easy to follow strategies that really work.
    The result? A profitable, successful business you are proud of!

  • SDS Individual Training Accounts

    Ready to step it up?

    Do you want to progress to a management or leadership role within your industry?
    Accelerate your business development? Achieve CPD accreditation?
    Take your professional development to the next level?

  • SQA Certified Executive Diploma

    The worlds first SQA approved Executive Diploma in Leading with Motivational Intelligence

    In a world wrought with disruption, uncertainty and turbulence, a new level of leadership is required. Today, leaders must understand how to engage virtual teams, foster collaboration, by partnering across the organisation and most importantly, help people to adapt and grow in a highly dynamic work environment.


The Power Within Training & 2logical Global Partnership

2logical has selectively partnered with highly qualified organizations around the world to represent its acclaimed Motivational Intelligence Development Approach. 2logical’s Global Partners go through an extensive training process and must pass an intense certification before they can represent our award-winning content. As such, you can be assured that each Global Partner is amongst the very best in the industry.

In 2019, The Power Within Training became 2logical’s U.K. based Global Partner. "The Power Within Training was chosen because of their unique qualifications, extensive experience and commitment to providing their clientele with the most cutting-edge training and development solutions," said David Naylor, Executive Vice President of Learning and Development

Training Industry Magazine named 2logical as one of its Top 20 Global Leadership Development Companies for the 2nd year in a row!


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Reviews from our customers & partners

Dr Iain MacRitchie

PE Chair, Social Entrepreneur

Absolutely fantastic: James delivers his Workshop with passion and purpose and brings SUCCESS back to what matter most in business and in life. Invest the time, the return is fabulous for you, your business and those you love.

Andrew Gavin

Visual Design & Brand Manager

I left feeling inspired & motivated to do things differently. James’ unique approach is what makes him and his workshops so engaging, through the storytelling of events of his life and topping them off with a great sense of humour.

Campbell Scott

Business Owner

"What a fantastic course! The quality content with a structured, disciplined approach at each and every step has really helped me out in my business journey. Looking forward to starting the execution of meaningful actions against my newly drafted personal & professional goals, thank you"

Lucy Sharp

HR Manager

TPWT recently ran an intensive two day Sales and Operational Leadership Development workshop for several new and aspiring managers within our organisation. As soon as I spoke with James, I knew he was exactly what we were looking for when we put together our new leadership development programme, an extremely motivating and inspiring few days.

Tobias Parkinson

Business owner

The Business Growth Academy has opened a whole new avenue for my business and thought process, I have learned so much over the last few months. I will be taking the course again as there is just too much to take in and implement. Thanks, James and the team.