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You know there’s more out there than this

But no matter what you do, you can’t seem to make it happen – whether that’s in your business, with your team, or for yourself.

Do you feel like your company is working hard, but struggling to get ahead?

Do you spot future opportunities, but can’t figure out how to make them a reality?

Do you know, deep down, you and your team could do anything…if you just knew what that ‘anything’ was?

We’re going to share a secret with you…we know just what that feels like.

And better yet – we also know exactly what to do to help you achieve the success you’ve always wanted.


Well crafted & tested

Do you want to expand your construction business and enjoy success on your terms?

We know how demanding, intense, and rewarding building a construction business can be, because we’ve been there!

This means we also know how to help you level up your leadership skills so you can start building the business of your dreams.

With practical advice and guidance, you’ll soon be seeing success on your terms.

Do you want to upskill, develop your abilities, and grow your career for good?

Skills development at any stage of any career is vital, and leaders are needed at every level of a business.

As a Skills Development Scotland ITA approved training provider, we are able to deliver our courses for individuals who are making less than £22,000 a year.

Our courses are dynamic, inspiring, and motivating, helping you become the leader you are meant to be in no time.

Does your team need an injection of resilience, so they can tackle the future head on?

he greatest challenges can be overcome together when everyone shares a common goal.

If you are a large company looking to create positive, powerful change in your people, we have just what you need.

Our bespoke leadership training helps your team become more resilient, more motivated, and ready to take on the future - whatever it holds.


What do we do for you?

  • You’ll be dynamic, think bigger and achieve more every day

    Motivational Intelligence uncovers your true potential, changes your behaviours, and guides you on a path to become happier, more fulfilled, and successful.

  • We help you become the leader
    of tomorrow, today

    With Motivational Intelligence, you take control of your future.
    Packed full of support, bespoke learning plans and with the guided steps to success, you’ll be more dynamic and happier.

  • Let’s get unstuck, take control
    and be happier

    With Motivational Intelligence, you take control of your future. You change your behaviours, become more dynamic, think bigger, achieve more, and enjoy life.

  • Together, we’ll unlock
    your true potential

    With Motivational Intelligence, you create positive life habits, build a high-performance mindset, a can-do attitude, and actions to become successful.


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Reviews from our customers & partners

Gemma Lennon


I am so glad I took the time to go to James' Power Within training course. It was everything I expected and more!

Carol Angus

Sales & Marketing Professional

I was truly blown away and left feeling so inspired and passionate about what we learned.

Fionn Patrick


James is "one to watch". Using his vast experience, he is an excellent mentor & coach.

Samuel Kavanagh

Chief Executive Officer

I can honestly say the information was invaluable and not like anything I’ve heard previously.

Kirsty Anne Rae

Coach and Trainer

As a coach and trainer, I have a high expectation of workshops and James was fantastic.