Five things I will never compromise on


Life can be about compromises in lots of ways.


Of course, there’s got to be given and taken in any business and personal relationship.


But there are some critical areas I never compromise on. And I mean, never.


These things are absolutely integral to my business’s success and my ability to build the bigger picture life that I want.


So what are these five things?


1- My vision – the vision for our business has been crystal clear to us since day 1. While the finer details of our future plans can evolve, the overall vision Enas and I have for The Power Within and for life, we want to lead has remained clear, solid and unwavering.


“Our vision is to help business leaders across the globe to think bigger, be better and achieve more every day.”


That vision helps us take the focused actions with deliberate intention we need to reach our destination.


2- My daily goals – goal-setting is absolutely key to the success of our business and any business. Each month, each week and each day, I have a series of tasks and activities that I know I must do to move my business forward.


I don’t compromise on those tasks – if an activity is on my list for that day, it will get done that day. I keep that commitment to myself and what we are working to achieve.


3- My commitment to learning – I love learning, love growing, and expanding my knowledge. But knowledge is only power if we use it. My commitment to education and learning boosts my energy and will be a lifelong enjoyment.


I believe it’s also hugely important for business success to continue growing and building our skills as part of a vital growth mindset which enables us to always keep moving forward.


4- My purpose – Enas and I completely commit to our purpose. We have always wanted to build a business that helps others think bigger, be better and achieve more. And more widely, our goal is to help people from any walk of life, within any situation, to be the best version of themselves.


“To inspire and motivate the leaders of tomorrow today no matter what their starting point in life.”


Because we never compromise on that purpose, we make sure that everything we do is aligned to it, and anything that doesn’t fit with our purpose doesn’t enter our radar.


5- My integrity – this is about the way we do business. I believe in doing what I say I’ll do. I believe in conducting myself in a certain way in all of my business relationships, and I make sure I never compromise my beliefs about the right and wrong way to go about things.


I try to work with people who share similar values and beliefs, those who align with the straight-up, hard-working, uplifting and committed approach we like to take at The Power Within Training. It doesn’t always work out that way, I have learned the hard way, but it will never stop me from trying.


I am committed to the things we teach in our business and leadership programmes.


Whether it’s our world-first Executive Diploma in Leading With Motivational Intelligence (MQ) or our Business Growth Academy, we help leaders and emerging leaders learn the life skills and mindset tools essential for success as individuals and in business.


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