The Motivational Intelligence Revolution

The most powerful insight about us as human beings is at the intersection of the most cutting-edge research in neuroscience and the most recent discoveries in cognitive and social psychology. It’s about what unlocks us, opens our minds, and allows us to achieve and accomplish more. It is Motivational Intelligence (MQ).

Based upon the most influential and extensively studied aspect of modern-day social psychology, the science behind Motivational Intelligence has won a Nobel Price and been named one of the top ten most promising scientific discoveries of the 20th century. Motivational Intelligence answers the age-old question of “why?”

Why do some people in our team succeed while others flounder? Why can some people readily adapt while others can’t seem to get out of their way? Why do some people give up at the slightest resistance while others stubbornly persist?

Motivational Intelligence (MQ) is the key differentiating factor between people who succeed and those who struggle or ultimately fail. It is the third and most influential level of human Intelligence.

Having a high IQ and EQ in no way guarantees a person’s success; having a high MQ does. MQ is the common thread in every great human endeavour, every triumph, and every significant obstacle overcome. Motivational Intelligence (MQ): A person’s ability to identify and manage negative thoughts and self-limiting beliefs to overcome barriers and accomplish goals.

For millennia, we have always intuitively understood that the most successful people in any field from anywhere in the world are all highly motivated – they can get out of their own way and do what they need to do to succeed. Motivating oneself and others is the third category of Intelligence – Motivational Intelligence (MQ).


What is This Based On?

Motivational Intelligence training (MQ) is based upon the most influential and extensively studied aspect of modern-day social and cognitive psychology; the science behind The Power Within’s approach to developing motivational intelligence has won a Nobel Price and been named one of the top ten promising scientific discoveries of the 20th century. Motivational intelligence is based on the Triune Model of the brain by Dr Paul McLean of Yale, with supporting research from Dr Carol Dweck of Stanford; Dr Daniel Kahneman, Dr Anders Ericsson and Dr Yu - Hao Lee of the University of Florida; and Dr David McClelland and Dr Hans Schroder of Harvard, among others.


The neocortex

is where IQ lives - it’s our thinking brain, which is responsible for logic, reasoning, and solving complex problems.


The limbic

brain is where EQ lives - it’s our feeling brain, which is responsible for our emotions.


The reptilian

brain is where MQ lives - it’s our survival brain, which triggers our fight (Do) or flight (Not Do) mechanism which is ultimately what drives/motivates our behaviour.

What is Motivational Intelligence ?


Information flow

The observable influence of MQ can be seen in five key areas: accountability, adaptability, resilience, initiative, and courage. Simply put, people with higher Mq levels make fewer excuses, adapt quicker, handle adversity more effectively, take productive action and embrace change better.

Information flows from the oldest part of the brain to the newest part of the brain, meaning that the way we process information starts in MQ, goes to EQ and ends in IQ.

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Well, the answer lies in what they think, not just telling people what they need to do more or less of

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