Leading Through Change and Building Resilience in Leadership


You don’t need a crystal ball to predict changes. Experienced leaders in every industry and market understand that progress happens when organisations make strategic decisions in response to uncertainty.


As leaders, to navigate uncertainty, we have to build resilience. In leadership, we need to harness an understanding of how to use the energy that accompanies uncertainty to drive progress and lead through change to achieve goals.


Change can be uncomfortable, especially in the workplace. Leading people through change is essential to help ease their worries, encourage effective communication, and address uncertainty.


Periods of change can be stressful for an organisation, but firm, resilient and empathetic leadership can help teams move through these transitions successfully.



“Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future – John F Kennedy.”


How To Lead Through Change


Leaders have a choice to spread positivity or negativity during a challenging time.


Strong leadership can influence whether change is adopted, productivity levels remain consistent, or team morale is affected. This can also depend on your MQ.


When leading through change, there are three essential steps to show resilience in leadership:


Stay calm – First, you should assess the situation without emotion. Examine the evidence and weigh our options objectively. When we panic and let our emotions take over business decisions, we lose our objectivity and ability to make good judgement calls.


Plan for things to go wrong – planning for things to go wrong is not fun, but it is essential. By identifying key things that could derail us from our vision and goals and planning strategies and tools to manage those challenges, we can feel confident in our ability to handle any storm, adjust, and adapt at a faster, more planned pace.


Have clarity about your mission – when you are absolutely clear about your mission, you will have the resilience to achieve what you set out to do in your business. This will make navigating through change easier if you can always focus on your mission and purpose.


Leaders who recognise and embrace uncertainty will be successful. They know how to use different approaches and tools to confront their fears, open up opportunities for their team, and move toward what matters most.


They encourage innovation and creativity. They are curious about new possibilities.



“Change has a bad reputation in our society. But it isn’t all bad – not by any means. In fact, change is necessary in life – to keep us moving, to keep us growing, to keep us interested. Imagine life without change. It would be static, boring, dull.” – Dr Dennis O; Grady.



Throughout our programme ‘Leading with Motivational Intelligence, ’ particular emphasis is given to helping leaders raise their Motivational Intelligence levels and foster a growth mindset within their team.


An increasing body of evidence shows a direct correlation between Motivational Intelligence and human performance, particularly in a time of rapid change.


At The Power Within Training & Development, we know that leading people, teams, and your organisation through transition or adaptation to change is a critical leadership capability that many people find challenging. We’re here to show you how to lead through that change and help your teams to thrive.



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