Creating and leading a team mission


Great leaders create great teams. I believe this ability to build a team mission, inspire, challenge and steer makes them great leaders.

We’ve all heard that ‘no man is an island, and it’s true. All of history’s biggest success stories have involved teamwork, collaboration and bringing together individual talents.

“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” -HE Luccock.

While we emphasise the power of a team, we can’t forget that there is no team without a leader. Someone who builds a team mission, shares the vision steers it along the path and inspires the team to want to be part of the journey wholeheartedly. This, the team’s strength, helps businesses grow, scale, succeed and thrive in the long run.


Building a team mission


Here are three key areas to focus on when building a team mission….


1) Communicate, communicate, communicate! Tell your team what you want them to know… remember that unless you tell them, they have no way of knowing. So tell them about the team mission, your expectations, their role in the mission, your goals and why all of this matters. That way, everyone starts on the same page and is heading in the same direction.


2) Embrace diversity – every individual has something to offer. The greater the diversity in terms of age, background, skills, experience and opinions, the wider your pool of knowledge and experience will be to help drive your business forward.


3) Define your mission clearly and make sure it is widely shared among your team. From there, set our clearly defined goals, with timescales included, and be clear on ownership of each goal and plan within the team.


Great things happen when our teams are motivated and inspired to be part of something they believe in and are happy to dedicate their time and go the extra mile.


“When you give joy to other people, you get more joy in return. You should give a good thought to happiness that you can give out.”— Eleanor Roosevelt


Encouraging and trusting team values


Teams need to be nurtured and guided, which is helped by creating a set of team values to align with. Leaders lead not only by giving direct instructions and guidance but also through their actions and behaviours, which set the tone for the actions and behaviours of others. These actions and behaviours become expectations of the whole team and can be communicated through team values. Leading by example and gaining team trust in these values is where great leaders show their true colours.

“A leader must inspire or his team will expire.” – Orrin Woodward.

Once the team is in place, great leaders understand their team members…they get a sense of their skills and how best to use them, as well as their emotional needs and how best to meet those so that the circumstances are in place for each individual to thrive, to grow and to do their best work.


Yes, this takes time and effort, but the rewards are astounding.


Great leaders motivate through positivity, not through criticism. By affirming good work and guiding them through challenges rather than criticising, we help grow the confidence of our team members, and as a result, we get the best out of them.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success.” -Henry Ford.


Leading a team mission


So, how is your team performing? Are you getting the best out of your team? Are they trusted, inspired and motivated to come to work each day and do their best work?


Are you a leader with excellent communication skills, honesty and trust, a strong growth mindset (high motivational intelligence (MQ)), good people skills, and inspiration?


If not, then it’s likely that you’re not getting the best from your team, and therefore you’re not achieving the kind of business results that you could be getting if your team was thriving, growing in skills and confidence, and driven to achieve your business vision. Through our Leadership Development programmes, we help business leaders like you create, lead and grow a team that will achieve high levels of team and business success.


“The rate of the pack is always defined by the pace of the leader” -James Fleming


You will learn the skills to be a great leader, the key pillars needed to build a fantastic team and the approach required to help grow a thriving, resilient, innovative and happy team. Our unique Motivational Intelligence (MQ) framework will enable you to do all these things and more.


Suppose you want to leap forward in your business or leadership success and drive team accountability, adaptability and trust. In that case, this approach is essential and has been proven critical in building business and team success.


We specialise in leveraging the entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial mindset and performance psychology of motivational intelligence (MQ), the same motivation used by some of the most successful and iconic companies worldwide.


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