It’s time for a new vision for the future of Scotland


“Within each of us is the power to transform lives, achieve success and be the best version of ourselves,” says James Fleming, Co-Founder of The Power Within – a training and development company based in Glasgow, Scotland. 


James, 48, began life in Wishaw growing up with his parents, before emigrating to the Middle East where he built up a reputation and career scaling and developing businesses through his commitment to training and developing the individuals on his teams. James’s passion for inspiring and releasing entrepreneurs in the workforce saw him spend twenty years abroad, during which time he began to feed his desire and interest in personal development – beginning his studies and accreditation whilst there. Since his return to Scotland in 2017 – he and his wife Enas, have continued to invest in their own personal development, launched The Power Within and are transforming lives across not just Scotland but also the UK and across the globe. 


Reflecting on his early days James recalls “Growing up, I could easily have ended up in the wrong crowd in later life – I remember appearing in front of a Children’s Panel meeting aged 11 and being terrified at what my future would become. I realised at this young age I had to take control of my life and decide the future I was creating for.” 


Both personally and professionally James is of the opinion that we should always be looking for opportunities to give back in life; in his personal life James uses his vast professional experiences to volunteer with a wide range of charities and good causesJames is Chairperson of the Glasgow region for Young Enterprise Scotland whose mission is to inspire and equip young people to learn, develop and reach their full potential through enterprise; such is his dedication to investing in young people he also mentors with MCR Pathways an hour per week listening and supporting a care-experienced young person to ensure that they receive the same education outcomes, career opportunities and life chances as every other young person in Scotland.  


Following his own early life experience with a Children’s Panel Hearing James gives back to the organisation as both a Panel Member and also as Learning and Development Coordinator. This particular area of work is complex, emotionally challenging and takes a greater investment of time – however for James the work is hugely rewarding. Utilising his vast experience in motivational speaking, his understanding of motivational intelligence and his accreditation in Neuro-linguistic programming James also volunteers as part of North Lanarkshire Council’s anti-bullying campaign each year. 


Within the firm, The Power Within, offers a minimum of five pro-bono coaching relationships per year. Allowing those who would otherwise not have access to professional coaching support to be encouraged, trained and supported to create a life that is successful on their own terms. 


“In Scotland, we’re taught to look down on ourselves, to think that any idea of success is beyond our reach. However, this is utter nonsense, we each have the ability within us – and more importantly the power within ourselves – to achieve success greater than we could imagine possible”

shares James, as a firm we are passionate about partnering with funding providers and organisations all across Scotland and the UK to ensure that everyone can access our training solutions regardless of income.” 


James shares his vision “Just imagine a Scotland where young people believe in themselves, know how to achieve their goals and have the motivation, and knowledge, they need to change lives – their own as well as others. That is the future we need as a country, and it is my hope and passion that we as a company can play a part in seeing this come to fruition.” 


The Power Within as a firm is focused on releasing individuals to become the most successful versions of themselves by unlocking an understanding of motivational intelligence also known as MQ, the third level of intelligence. Based on similar principles of the more known IQ and latterly EQ – motivational intelligence (MQ) is the study of what causes people to react to life’s situations and experiences in a particular way.   





The Power Within Training and Development is at the forefront of entrepreneurial development and training for individuals from all walks of life across Scotland and the UK. Founded by husband and wife duo James and Enas Fleming, The Power Within offers a range of training and development programmes focused on the principles of motivational intelligence, partnering with a range of funders including Skills Development Scotland and the Construction Industry Training Board to offer fully-funded training solutions. 


The Power Within Training and Development Ltd is bringing Scotland’s first approved Executive Diploma in Leading with Motivational Intelligence in partnership with the Scottish Qualifications Authority in March 2021. 


If you’d like to know more about the revolutionary Motivational Intelligence (MQ) success system we use, and that we have shared with many others to help them achieve their dreams, then let’s have a free call to see how we can do the same for you.


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James Fleming

Managing Director