Are you getting left behind with sales?


Some people love sales.


Some people hate selling.


The number of business owners I have heard say I hate selling, and it feels so pushy, is phenomenal.


However, in my opinion, if you’re not selling your products or services, you don’t have a business, simple as that.


But regardless of how we feel, sales and selling are everywhere. And unless we accept that and learn how to sell, frankly, we’ll be left behind in business and life.


There’s an element of selling in virtually everything we do.


Aside from the direct selling of products and services, sales crop up in almost all parts of life.


Each time we hire a new team member, we sell our company to them.


Every time we suggest doing something with our other half, we’re selling a suggestion to them.


Whenever we tell our kids it’s bedtime; we’re selling the idea to them.


And when we’re not selling, we’re usually being sold to by someone else!


Sales are everywhere.


“Great salespeople are relationship builders who provide value and help their customers win.” 

– Jeffrey Gitomer.


But…..did you know that 55% of the people making their living in sales don’t have the right skills to succeed?


And did you also know that good sales skills are some of the rarest and most sought-after skills in the workforce? 


Many people think that sales are complicated, inaccessible, or hard to do. It’s something that successful people do – “just not them.” 


But the truth is, anyone can be an incredible salesperson. It all depends on how you think about it. 


It’s all in your mindset, creating a sales mindset.


Learning to sell becomes easier if you genuinely believe in what you’re selling. And you only ever try to close once someone has clarified that they need your product or services.


After all, if you’re sold on it, there’s a lot more chance others will be.


And then there’s the importance of building those relationships – sometimes this can take years, sometimes it happens quickly..…but it’s a vital part of success in sales. 


Being persistent and consistent is also a pivotal character to achieving sales success – and that comes down to committing to keep showing up, having a growth mindset and using the power of our minds to achieve the outcomes we want.


Whether you’re running a business, looking to progress into a managerial role, or getting back into work after a break, our Sales Development & Leadership programme helps you develop the skills you need for success.


We show you how to create a sales mindset, introducing you to the self-leadership and management skills you need to secure your ideal role and start performing better, using high payoff action-planning techniques.


Sales & Leadership Development is a 7 step process:



    1. Step 1. Preparation
    2. Step 2. Ask Great Questions
    3. Step 3. Create Conversations
    4. Step 4. Build Relationships
    5. Step 5. Listen for Opportunities
    6. Step 6. Make A Recommendation 
    7. Step 7. Close The Sale


Once you’ve completed this programme, you’ll be better equipped than ever for the everyday sales opportunities in business and life.



James Fleming

The Power Within Training,

The Motivational Intelligence Company


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