Are your thoughts and beliefs growing your business, Or are they undermining it?


The realisation that there is no shared reality between how you think and act when growing your business can be mind-blowing to some people.


You see, we all create our reality based on our perception of what happens in our business or lives.


And everyone’s perception of reality is different from one person to another based on influences throughout our lives.


Everyone views the world differently; we see the world differently; it is scarce for two people to have the same perceptions of reality; even siblings dont have the same perceptions.


Some people might perceive the thought of running their own business as way too risky, feeling more secure in full-time employment even if they dont enjoy what they do.


Others might perceive it too risky to stay in a job or role that doesn’t inspire them and feel excited about the unknown opportunities before them.

Some people might perceive the everyday challenges in business as stressful. Others might perceive those daily challenges as learnings.


Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.

– Wayne W. Dyer



Most importantly, some people’s thoughts and beliefs tell them they can achieve their goals. Other people’s thoughts tell them they can’t do it; they dont have the skills, knowledge or experience, so why bother.


Understanding that our dominant thoughts shape our reality is a crucial element of being a successful leader and running a successful business for two main reasons.


Firstly, once we understand that our dominant thoughts control our actions, we can use that information to become more aware of our perception of those threats.


Then we can start to change the way we think about and perceive situations in our lives and our business, looking at them more as opportunities and threats; thus, we can change our actions.

For example, when things get tough, we can view setbacks as learning experiences rather than failures – this will help us move forward more quickly.


We can also choose to see a world full of opportunities rather than a world full of threats.


And we can choose to feel more confident by focusing on our strengths and the things we do well, rather than letting our weaknesses hold us back.


“Every strength you now have was once a weakness; you turned that weakness into a strength by focusing on the task; through trial and error, you mastered the task.”

James Fleming, MD TPWTD 



Secondly, as a leader, the knowledge that those in our teams and business all have different levels of threats or opportunities and different levels of perception or motivational intelligence in life, business, and themselves can be game-changing.


This is because understanding our team as individuals and learning about how they view the world they live in helps us as leaders bring out the best in them.


It enables us to help them achieve their unlimited potential, leading to significant results as individuals and substantial business benefits.


Motivational Intelligence (MQ) teaches us to shape our thoughts and beliefs, or perceptions of life and business in such a way that helps us achieve our goals as individuals and as an organisation.


Over the past five years, The Power Within Training has seen repeatedly that Motivational Intelligence (MQ) is often the one final piece of the jigsaw that is missing for a successful business or organisation.


Book in now for a free chat to see how we can help you create the complete game to drive your business forward.



James Fleming

The Power Within Training,

The Motivational Intelligence Company


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