Can you learn to be a leader?


Years ago, being a leader used to be about being right…….about knowing the answers, or at least appearing to know them. There are many misconceptions about what it takes to be an effective leader. In the past, being a leader was all about appearing confident and knowing everything. There was little room for questioning, and those who held leadership positions were often seen as unapproachable and infallible.


Thankfully, these outdated views on leadership are now changing. The modern leader is someone who is willing to listen to others and take feedback on board. These leaders are not afraid to admit when they are wrong or ask for help when needed.


For example, take Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple. Unlike his predecessor, Steve Jobs, Cook is known for being a more collaborative and transparent leader. He regularly seeks feedback from his team and encourages open discussions. Cook is a prime example of a modern leader who prioritises communication and inclusivity over the traditional top-down style of leadership.


Leadership should Promote Communication and Inclusivity


We often didn’t question our leaders, or our bosses, for fear of being seen to challenge them or undermine them. And so often it was those who were naturally more confident, more out-going, more decisive and more vocal about their attributes that became leaders. The problem was, these people didn’t always make the best leaders, in fact, the opposite was often true.


You see real leadership and leaders look at what can be improved, how can they develop those around them and motivate and encourage people to achieve what they never thought was possible.


It’s not about being the loudest, or the fastest decision-maker, or the most confident. It’s about leading by example, serving your employees, growing with your team, stepping up when you need to do tough things but listening to others too.


The best leaders aren’t dictators…….they’re team players. Being challenged is a positive experience for them, not one that undermines their status. The best leaders are committed to learning and growing and helping others do the same. The best leaders are forward-thinking, willing to try and innovate and willing to fail. They have a growth mindset.


And the best leaders have such a strong belief in their vision that they can easily get others invested in that vision too.


The best leaders believe in helping others develop and in sharing the things they have learned themselves.


This feels like a long list and for some leaders, and emerging leaders, many of these attributes seem to come naturally. But the great thing is, that many of these qualities and skills are learned behaviours and characteristics and can be learned too.


It is that willingness to learn that will help you and them become even better at their role…..and skyrocket the success of their business and teams.


I truly believe we can all learn to become great leaders……with the right support, by learning how to think differently about our role and by seeking out opportunities to grow and further develop our skills.


At The Power Within Training & Development, we help leaders and emerging leaders develop a growth mindset, and learn the key skills needed for leadership success, through our world-first Motivational Intelligence Executive Diploma.


It will help you and your team breakthrough comfort zones, fears and self-doubt, define and communicate impactful goals, implement tactical strategies and put in place systems that really work for you and your business goals.



James Fleming

The Power Within Training,

The Motivational Intelligence Company




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