Why disappointments can feed your passion, growth and motivation.



When something upsets or offends us, it can often drive us to make positive changes, especially within the business; when emotion is involved, it can ultimately lead you closer to your goals and become your business motivation.



This exact situation happened to me back in 2018. I remember running an event, and one of the attendees was a CEO of a prominent local organisation. After the event, they approached me and said that my content was a game changer in the world of personal and professional development and that they would love to help me get it out to the masses. After s brief discussion, we arranged to meet the following week. We met at their offices and thrashed out a mutually beneficial offer that drove value for both my company, their company and business owners across Scotland.



Long story short, after enrolling over 40 business owners and career professionals on the course in just a couple of weeks. A few days before I was due to run the first of many arranged events, I received a call from the CEO saying they would need to change our verbal agreement to one more suitable to their needs.



Without going into more detail, they tried to roll me over and take the lion’s share of the opportunity and the content I had spent years creating, and I was not willing to play ball; I had to make a call on what was my next move.



I was passionate about what I was doing, why I was doing it and why it was necessary to run these subsequent few events, even though everything inside me said RUN…



I had to dig deep and go back to my WHY. It helped keep me focused on the vision, passion, and purpose, but it was hard.



This single experience helped me move forward with my business; it helped me accelerate me why.




Find your why at work or in business.


I have certainly used my feelings to find my ‘why’ within my business growth and used them to add a sense of purpose to help build our business into what it is today.


I get upset by people missing out on fulfilling their potential in business and life. It genuinely bothers me that so many people settle for ‘OK’ when I know that amazing is waiting for them on the other side of fear, effort, fortune, learning and discomfort.


I get offended when businesses and industries try to implement massive new processes, systems and objectives without understanding how to take their people with them and give their teams and corporations the best chance of success.


I call it the trust and inspire leadership process.


So, my purpose and sense of ‘why’ for our business come from my passion for helping bring out the best in those in a team and for doing that on a grand scale.


To allow everyone in life the opportunity to attend world-class training no matter their background or budget.


I like to connect with people on their level, find out what is important to them and make it important to me.


During my years as a corporate leader, I learned valuable lessons to help people realise and grab the opportunities they might not even notice. Only once you take the time to find out their why can you help them work out the how and reignite the passion and purpose.


Hard work is painful when life is devoid of purpose. But when you live for something greater than yourself and the gratification of your ego, hard work becomes a labour of love.” — Steve Pavlina.



Why is finding your purpose important


The things that upset and offend us do so because we are passionate about them; this is often the first indicator of finding your purpose. Once we have found it and are passionate about something, we must follow that passion. If we don’t, it eats away at us until we do something about it! I believe passion is essential to long-standing business success.


Passion gives us the drive to move forward and to keep moving forward even when things get tough, which they inevitably do in business.



Passion gives us why. 

We find a way when our why is strong enough and our vision is clear. This helps to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, manage change, and embrace uncertainty. The constant support enables you to understand goals and the steps you need to achieve them. With all this, you can master your mind and understand how to bring out the best in you and those around you.



“There is a driving force more powerful than steam, electricity and nuclear power: the will.” ~ Albert Einstein


When we remember our why, we move forward with clarity and purpose.


What is your business passion?


Question your business passion in what upsets or disappoints you in business right now…


  1. What things bother you, and why do they matter so much?
  2. Are they things you can do something to change?
  3. Do you know what steps you need to take? If so, what is holding you back from taking them?
  4. Are these steps fuelled by business passion ultimately leading you closer to your goals and vision?



It’s important to keep challenging ourselves in this way.



These kinds of questions help to remind us of our why, as things can become clouded during the day-to-day tasks of running a business.



“If I had to choose my driving force, it would be passion.” ~ Anita Roddick



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