Northern Ireland’s only Business Growth Academy for the Construction Industry is offering fully funded places for businesses. The business academy has been designed specifically for construction businesses to learn the skills they need to scale and grow their business to help regenerate the Northern Irish economy as we return to normality following the COVID-19 pandemic.


“Following the global pandemic it is vital that our businesses are ready to succeed, we need to focus on building and supporting entrepreneurs to thrive moving forward. Our Business Growth Academy has been created to be one of the most impactful, dynamic and effective courses to drive business success.”

James Fleming, co-founder of The Power Within explains.


As well as World-leading training, the academy offers a fully personalised twelve-month business development plan to keep owners focused on high-value activities, ensuring that you stay on track with goals; as well as receiving multiple business development and marketing opportunities within the programme for hands-on-learning. The academy also helps entrepreneurs learn time-saving strategies so they can work on and in your business, gain valuable leadership and self-development skills as well as developing unshakeable confidence in your skills becoming the kind of business owner that chooses your customers.


A recent graduate of the business academy says

“While I have been a director of our construction business for over ten years, it was only when we branched out into other areas that we realised we didn’t have the necessary tools required to grow and expand.”


Iain McGill continues,

“The Business Growth Academy is all about putting systems in place to not only allow a business to function on it’s own but to grow accordingly. Combined with that is a huge focus on mindset, self-leadership, goal setting and financial education. Another major factor was by being on the course I was introduced to a network of like-minded business owners.” When asked if he would recommend the academy Iain said “The Business Growth Academy has been a game-changer and I would highly recommend it.”


The funding is provided by the Construction Industry Training Board’s Training Fund, to help drive success within the construction industry. The funding is available to a wide range of businesses within the sector including roofers, builders, property developers, floor layers, kitchen and bathroom fitters, joiners, scaffolders as well as a variety of other skills. Northern Irish businesses are encouraged to apply for the Business Growth Academy before the funding deadline closes.


To register your interest or find out more visit www.thepowerwithintraining.com/bga-ni or call The Power Within Training & Development team on 0330 133 2975.




The Power Within Training and Development are at the forefront of entrepreneurial development and training for individuals from all walks of life across the UK. Founded by husband and wife duo James and Enas Fleming, The Power Within offers a range of training and development programmes focused on the principles of motivational intelligence, partnering with a range of funders including Skills Development Scotland and the Construction Industry Training Board to offer fully-funded training solutions.


The Power Within Training and Development Ltd is bringing the UK’s first approved Executive Diploma in Leading with Motivational Intelligence in partnership with the Scottish Qualifications Authority in June 2021.


The Power Within Training and Development’s Business Growth Academy for the Construction Industry is the only course of its kind in the UK.