How often do you set out plans for yourself and find you haven’t stuck to them for longer than a few weeks?

“Part of courage is simple consistency.” – 

……Peggy Noonan


Maybe you say you’ll do daily actions in business, but you never quite keep it up. Maybe you vow to begin a new habit in life, but it never sticks.


The secret to success is consistency. The world’s most successful business people are also the most consistent in their actions. Actions that have been preplanned with intention.


There’s no chaos in what they do, there are no ad-hoc decisions, and there’s continual progress rather than riding a start-stop business rollercoaster. And it’s all down to consistency.


Now I am not saying they dont go through the same up and owns that we all face; the key difference here is the planning.


They plan ahead of time, think of what could go wrong and plan accordingly, creating a more consistent set of outcomes.


When the pivotal moment in business arrives, those moments you’ve been waiting for finally evolving, I guarantee it will be down to the consistency you have created in your business planning.


“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” 

– Robert Collier.


Think about building a wall. Completing that task does not depend on the final brick being added correctly. Instead, it’s dependent on all the other bricks being put in place, one by one, before that last brick has been placed. Without those other bricks added in a specific order, the wall would not have been built.


So let’s be honest – how consistent are you in your business?


Do you know the 5 key tasks you need to do daily to move your business forward? 5 High Pay Off Actions (HPA’s) A Day Keeps Negativity & Procastination Away


Create a weekly plan of all the high payoff actions or activities you NEED to do each day to keep you and your business moving forward, and dont sign off for the day until they are done. Make them the top 5 MUST-Do’s for each day.


Developing consistency in your business takes practice and time, but it’s a game-changer when you achieve it.



Here are my top 5 tips to help you get started……


1) The first thing we need to do as business leaders is clarified our vision. We have to know where we’re headed and why.


2) Then, we need to make a plan (HPA’s) – decide on the steps that will bring the highest value to your business, move your business forward and be sure that they align with your goals and outcomes.


3) Build systems and processes – the more we can systemise our daily actions, the more consistent we will be.


4) Stick to the plan – it’s easy to get ‘shiny object syndrome’ where you get distracted by new ideas or lose focus and drift off-plan. When we consistently stick to our plan, we achieve our desired outcomes more quickly.


5) Test and measure your expected outcomes weekly- dont wait until things go wrong; it is usually too little too late on most occasions. If you can see if you are going in the wrong direction early on, you can stop, pivot, and fail faster.



Your success in business or in life is when outcomes and expectations align.


Consistency is not a buzzword – it’s essential for your business.


And it has been a considerable part of our own business success……five years of consistently applying the action steps we needed to achieve our vision have led us to this point. And we’re still going….. we do many of the same actions as consistently as ever because we know that this alone will help take our business to the next level.


At The Power Within Training, we help business leaders achieve success through consistency and persistence.


Our Business Growth Academy and Motivational Intelligence Leadership programmes teach strategies to ensure that your vision is clear, goal-setting is nailed down, and action steps are built into your day without fail.


And we help you build the systems and processes that will consistently deliver you the business results you want.


So let’s get started.



James Fleming

The Power Within Training,

The Motivational Intelligence Company


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