Our Executive Diploma In Leading with Motivational Intelligence

Leading Scottish training and development business The Power Within Training has kicked off its world-first SQA-approved executive diploma “Leading With Motivational Intelligence” in collaboration with CITB Skills & Training Funds.


The ground-breaking Leading With Motivation Intelligence (MQ) Executive Diploma is now part of the CITB Skills & Training Fund offering. The Power Within Training in Glasgow leads a motivational intelligence revolution within the business community. The science behind its approach to developing motivational intelligence has won a Nobel Prize and been named one of the top ten most promising scientific discoveries of the 20th century. Motivational Intelligence (Mq) is known as the third level of intelligence.


The Power Within’s transformative leadership and development courses help people adapt more quickly to their environment, handle adversity more effectively, take productive action and embrace change accelerated. Through collaboration with NESCol, the unique framework is now fully funded by Scottish business owners, sole traders, senior leaders, and managers within Scottish-based businesses or organisations.


Co-founder and CEO of The Power Within Training & Development, James Fleming, said: “This is a massive step for delivering this innovative programme, and we’re delighted to partner with North East Scotland College to give even more people the opportunity to learn these vital skills and help build success in business, leadership and life. Motivational Intelligence (MQ) is proven to be a critical factor in business success, even more so than IQ and EQ. This programme is tailored to provide exactly what business leaders need to get ahead and thrive and we look forward to welcoming today’s leaders and emerging leaders to the MQ revolution.”


Married couple James and Enas founded the Power Within Training in 2017. The company helps people and businesses excel by improving their motivation, self-belief, decision-making, and leadership skills through a ground-breaking approach called Motivational Intelligence (MQ).


The Executive Diploma – which helps people to excel by breaking through limiting beliefs, comfort zones, fears, and self-doubts; defining and communicating impactful goals; encouraging the team to find innovative solutions to challenges; implementing tactical strategies; gaining buy-in and ownership across the group; and implementing meaningful reward and recognition.


The Power Within Training is based in Glasgow, with an office in London. Last year, the business also launched a new Aberdeen office to provide business leaders and emerging leaders with extensive motivational intelligence training to help them navigate the global energy transition.