Organisational Resilience, Transformation and Motivation




To thrive in the coming decade, companies must develop resilience—the ability to withstand unpredictable threats of change and emerge stronger.


A recent study showed change is happening 300X faster than ever before, with an impact more marvellous than 3000X

Where will that leave your business if our leadership and management team are not trained and developed to understand the new norm?


“Developing resilience” is easy to say but hard to define, yet even harder to do.


The world is still undergoing increasingly rapid, unpredictable, and unprecedented change. We don’t know how this will all play out, but one thing we do know is life will never be the same!


Catastrophic events will grow more frequently but are less predictable. They will unfold faster but in more varied ways.


Planning for the future will be the KEY to all success and failure; those who understand the new ways of leading with motivational intelligence not only survive but thrive.





The most effective team transformation initiatives draw upon four key actions to change mindsets and behaviours.


When making large-scale organisational changes, the design of a transformation’s initiatives is not a matter of guesswork. 


The results from a new Global Survey suggest that companies that design their initiatives to support desired shifts in mindsets and behaviours see the most successful transformations.


Research on transformations confirms that change efforts are hard work and that implementation is critical to overall transformation success. 


The latest findings suggest that investing time and effort upfront to design a transformation’s initiatives also matters. 


According to the new results, the most effective initiatives involve four essential actions:


One: Role modelling

Two: Fostering understanding of internal motivations and conviction/Buy-In

Three: Reinforcing changes through action/accountability

Four: Developing talent and skills 


But it’s not enough to design a transformation programme based on one or even two of these actions. To gain real change and transformation that has a lasting impact, we must develop and deliver all four initiatives. 


So how can we do all four and increase our organisation resilience? 


Motivation Intelligence (MQ)


Motivational Intelligence or MQ in its most basic form is all about what unlocks us, what opens our mind and allows us to think bigger, be better, achieve and accomplish more each day.


The key differentiating factor between people who succeed and those who struggle or ultimately fail is their Motivational Intelligence.


It is the third and most influential level of human intelligence.


Having a high IQ and EQ does not guarantee a person’s success in life. Having a high MQ does.


MQ is the common thread in every great human endeavour; all great leaders have a high level of MQ.


Leading with Motivational Intelligence


We reiterate the imperative, define the components of resilience, and introduce the approaches companies can take to become more resilient and create a transformational approach to leading with MQ.


Helping you make the internal innovations and motivation needed to drive you, your business, and our teams to a whole new level of human potential, coming out of these turbulent and transitional times more robust and focused on what matters most to your business and your people.


Leading with Motivational Intelligence is a revolutionary model to Lead people, teams, and organisations through change and transition and critical leadership capability.


Leading With Motivational Intelligence will expand your knowledge and understanding of what it takes to be a transitional leader and an ambassador for change.


It focuses on the mindsets and behaviours that enable successful leaders to face and overcome the challenges encountered during these transitional times and equip them with the skills to promote transition action.


Giving you and your organisation the opportunity to


Think BIGGER, Be BETTER and Achieve MORE than you ever thought possible


To find out how we can help you and your organisation evolve, develop, and accelerate your team performance using our world-class motivational Intelligence revolution: 


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