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The Power Within Training & Development is the Motivational Intelligence company that is dedicated to helping businesses become more accountable, resilient, and capable of handling all challenges that they may encounter throughout their careers, no matter their complexity. Led by husband-and-wife team, James and Enas Fleming, The Power Within’s team of motivational experts are on a mission to inspire people around the world to think bigger, be better, and do more.


The Power Within Training & Development is a unique motivational intelligence company that strives to inspire the world’s leaders of tomorrow. The firm supports modern businesses of all shapes and sizes, giving them the tools and knowledge to think bigger, be better, and do more.


With their ground-breaking Motivational Intelligence formula, James, Enas, and their team of specialists and professionals are able to guide clients to greater self-confidence and self-belief, enabling them to achieve their true potential and thereupon live lives of fulfilment, happiness, and success. Motivational Intelligence (or MQ) is the third level of intelligence after intellectual and emotional intelligence and has the greatest impact on job performance and satisfaction. By channelling one’s own MQ, individuals are given the power to pursue personal and professional success.


The Power Within’s unique formula has enabled the firm to grow its reputation for effective motivational services, and now has a clientele which spans Scotland, the UK, and reaches as far as Saudi Arabia and Dubai, thanks to the increased prevalence of digital learning over the last year. However, whilst MQ is the firm’s defining facet, without its people, The Power Within would not have seen its nationwide recognition spread at the rate it has done. The team is driven by four central philosophies: Be Courageous and ask the hard questions that instil courage in others; Never Stop Learning and always strive to be the best at what they do; Uncover Your Potential, and build strong relationships that are the foundation for personal evolution; and Be Yourself, acting always with integrity and transparency.


The firm has therefore cultivated a supportive working environment that learns from its mistakes and grows together. Confident and consistent, energetic and inspirational, empathetic and, most importantly, fun, the team works together to help its clients bridge the gaps in their own self-belief systems to motivate them from where they are now to where they want to be. Each member of the team brings their own experience and insights to their projects, and Founder James is the only consultant outside of North America to deliver registered training in MQ to clients around the world.


The Power Within is currently completing its bespoke Leading with Motivational Intelligence (MQ) Executive Diploma with a specific focus on leading through turbulent times, which will be a fully recognised and certified Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) leadership course. The qualification comes at a time when businesses are facing great adversity in the face of the ongoing pandemic, giving them the resources to shape self-motivated leaders at any level in any organisation.


Situated only ten miles south of Glasgow city centre, The Power Within thrives on Scotland’s entrepreneurial spirit, recognising that leadership and MQ training would not just resonate with businesses but individuals too. The firm therefore voluntarily works with a number of organisations within its community such as Young Enterprise Scotland as the Glasgow


Chairperson and Business Adviser, and Children Panel for Scotland as a Learning & Development Coordinator, Panel Member, and Chairperson.


Now, with the upsurge in online digital learning that has been brought about by the pandemic, The Power Within is able to look beyond Scotland and the UK, sharing its expertise globally at no extra cost. The firm has adapted its products and services so that it can continue supporting its clients through virtual mediums and as a result, has come up with an effective combination of Zoom training, online activities, and a ‘tribal minds’ mentality. New and existing clients alike have reported that the new digital learning experience has been a revolution on personal and professional levels.


The digital learning platform and their new qualification is giving The Power Within’s clients the strength, resilience, and agility to continue thriving, even during unprecedented times such as these. Whatever the future may hold, James, Enas, and the team at the Power Within remain devoted to inspiring and motivating the leaders of tomorrow, helping them to define success on their terms and to achieve more than they ever thought they could.


If you’d like to know more about the revolutionary Motivational Intelligence (MQ) success system we use, and that we have shared with many others to help them achieve their dreams, then let’s have a free call to see how we can do the same for you.


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James Fleming

Managing Director