Scottish Firm goes worldwide during Global Pandemic

Tuesday 20th April 2021

Growing up as that ‘wee boy fae Wishee’ James Fleming, originally of Wishaw – Scotland has never let the views or opinions of others hold him back in life. Following a successful corporate career in the Middle East where he met wife and business partner Enas Fleming, the couple returned to Scotland in 2017 with a vision that saw them launch The Power Within Training and Development Ltd – a company with a simple goal, to unleash the human potential (The Power Within) within those whom they work with to become the most successful, productive and authentic leaders and manager of the future.


In the lead up to the Global Pandemic in March 2020 the Power Within’s business model was concreted around the face to face training and development events, conferences, and coaching sessions – however, like other businesses when the lockdown was announced they were left with a choice; to pivot and adapt or to sit back and do nothing.


In line with the ethos of the business (To inspire and motivate the leaders of tomorrow today) and indeed the training solutions they’re proud to offer both James and Enas were of the opinion that the only option was to adapt, pivot, and embrace the unknown.


Fast forward to April 2021 and the risks the company has taken have paid off for the entrepreneurial couple, who recently celebrated winning ‘Most Innovative Leadership Training Development Consultancy 2020’ as part of the Scottish Enterprise Awards 2020.


Throughout the Global Pandemic James and Enas adapted the businesses offering to complete online training and coaching experience utilising their own digital learning platform alongside virtual mediums such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. This adaptation of their services has allowed the firm to not only continue to serve the needs of those they work with here in the UK but also expanded their client basis beyond the UK – they now work with a wide range of clients Worldwide in particular in Europe and the Middle East including Saudi Arabia and Dubai.


Whilst the COVID-19 situation has caused huge disruption for a number of businesses The Power Within team has found an opportunity in the face of uncertainty, allowing the training consultancy to receive international recognition at a rate unprecedented before the pandemic.

“I am incredibly proud of the work which the team has delivered in the last 12 months” explains James Managing Director of The Power Within Training, “in the face of great uncertainty felt worldwide, our team have used the mindset techniques and skills which we teach on a daily basis and implemented these to great success.”


Prior to the pandemic, The Power Within Training employed two full-time staff members and now employs seven individuals on a full-time basis – as well as working with a range of associates and consultants to deliver expert services and training on behalf of the company. This increase in people has also been supported by a revenue increase of over 400% from the previous financial year of 2019/2020. In March of this year, the business also appointed its first UK Director of Business Development based in their new regional office in London – Elizabeth Walford, who joins the team following a 10-year corporate career in business. Much like the founders of the business Elizabeth has a particular fascination for understanding how to release people to become their very best through the power of good leadership and motivational intelligence.


Elizabeth says “I’ve had a fascination of understanding how to get the best from people in terms of connection and influence and through that fascination I have researched, interviewed and worked with industry leaders of behaviour and influence and it became clear to have strength, influence and power comes from tapping into the true leader within yourself – holding a spanner doesn’t instantly make you a plumber or an engineer, even if you know how to use it.”


“We each have choices to make every day in the face of the unknown, in the face of uncertainty or fear. Essentially, we return to the most fundamental and oldest part of our brain and the ‘fight or flight mode engages. We have the choice to either bury our heads in the sand and run away or rise to the challenge – create opportunity – find a solution and make it work. I think it’s clear that our team has certainly risen to the challenge.”

says James,


“The success and challenges we’ve seen to the business and overcame in the past twelve months are a testament to our entrepreneurial spirit”.


The spirit of growth, adaptation and new challenges isn’t something the business is leaving in the past of the pandemic; however, as the only recognised consultant outside of North America with the ability to deliver registered training in Motivational Intelligence James and the team are delighted to be delivering the worlds first SQA approved Executive Diploma in Leading with Motivational Intelligence.

The executive diploma is for leaders and managers who desire the ability to possess a higher level of insight into human nature and motivation drivers, to understand what slows the adoption of change and exactly what they need to do as managers and leaders to unshackle the full human potential in their teams.


The executive diploma is delivered in partnership with 2logical – an organisation of which The Power Within Training are global partners and teaches participants learnings evolved and used from a range of sources including the largest Fortune 500 companies across the Globe as well as Nobel Prize-winning research.


Executive Vice President of 2logical David Naylor shares “As we have expanded our global reach, we have looked to find partners who have a deep understanding of their strategic markets and a strong reputation for delivering client results. We were impressed by the team at The Power Within and felt that they would represent 2logical well in the UK market”.


It is clear in the UK market that those businesses and organisations who have adapted in the face of the adversity of trading in the last twelve months are seeing the difference in their output; and this includes The Power Within Training. Located just 10 miles outside of Glasgow City Centre, founded by an entrepreneur who at a young age could have quite easily veered off into the wrong crowd and in an industry which at the outset of the pandemic looked set to close The Power Within Training & Development have certainly practised what they ‘preach’ and embraced change to achieve more, do more and become more.


To find out more about the World’s first Executive Diploma in Leading with Motivational Intelligence or indeed learn more about the Power Within team visit www.thepowerwithintraining.com or call 0330 133 2975.





The Power Within Training and Development is at the forefront of entrepreneurial development and training for individuals from all walks of life across the UK. Founded by husband and wife duo James and Enas Fleming, The Power Within offers a range of training and development programmes focused on the principles of motivational intelligence, partnering with a range of funders including Skills Development Scotland and the Construction Industry Training Board to offer fully-funded training solutions.



The world’s first SQA Approved Executive Diploma in leading with Motivational Intelligence is built upon the best practices, strategic insights and lessons learned over three decades of building leadership universities for Fortune 500 companies. The principles and strategies taught have been successfully implemented in more than 90 countries and on six continents.


The diploma focuses on imparting fundamental skills, tactical best practices and powerful insights on the human side of the business whilst providing valuable knowledge to leaders of all levels. Particular focus is given to addressing the challenges which the business world is facing leading teams and developing their organisations in turbulent times.


The diploma is accredited by the Scottish Qualifications Authority and is assessed against the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework – ensuring the diploma has one of the highest levels of accreditation in the World.


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