Scottish firm The Power Within Training and Development are trailblazing across the world with the launch of the World’s first SQA approved executive diploma in leading with motivational intelligence. The diploma takes learners through Nobel Prize Winning research which is central to the success of the largest Fortune 500 companies, and helps leaders and managers to understand how to completely transform their organisation’s cultures to that of a growth mindset. 


 “In a world wrought with disruption, uncertainty and turbulence – a new level of leadership is required. Leaders today must understand how they engage teams – no matter if they’re virtual or in the office; know how to foster collaboration, unleash a partnership approach across their organisation and most of all how to help people adapt and grow in the dynamic world which is today” shares James Fleming, Managing Director of The Power Within. 


 The executive diploma in leading with motivational is an award-winning programme that encompasses all aspects of becoming both a world-class strategic manager and inspirational leader who inspires their people daily. The programme has been rolled out in organisations such as Pfizer and Bank of America; and was initially developed by 2Logical the worlds leading training company, of who The Power Within are global partners. 


 “We are exceptionally proud to be bringing to the world and UK market the first ever accredited diploma in this vital tool of leading with motivational intelligence; we know ourselves the impact and power which MQ can make.” explains James. 


 The executive diploma is for those organisation’s and businesses who desire the ability to give their leaders a higher level of insight into human nature and motivation drivers, whilst understanding what slows the adoption of change and exactly what they need to do as managers to unshackle the full human potential in their teams. 

 Executive Vice President of 2logical David Naylor shares:

“As we have expanded our global reach, we have looked to find partners who have a deep understanding of their strategic markets and a strong reputation for delivering client results. We were impressed by the team at The Power Within and felt that they would represent 2logical well in the UK market.” 

 It is clear in the UK market that those businesses and organisations who have adapted in the face of the adversity of trading in the last twelve months are seeing the difference in their output; unlocking the third and least common known form of human intelligence – MQ. The difference between those who see opportunity, and those who see challenges; those who find a way no matter what comes across their path – is their motivational intelligence. 


 To register your interest or find out more visit www.thepowerwithintraining.com/mq or call 

The Power Within Training & Development team on 0330 133 2975. 




The Power Within Training and Development is at the forefront of entrepreneurial development and training for individuals from all walks of life across the UK. Founded by husband and wife duo James and Enas Fleming, The Power Within offers a range of training and development programmes focused on the principles of motivational intelligence, partnering with a range of funders including Skills Development Scotland and the Construction Industry Training Board to offer fully-funded training solutions. 


The Power Within Training and Development Ltd has brought the World’s first approved Executive Diploma in Leading with Motivational Intelligence in partnership with the Scottish Qualifications Authority in 2021. 

The Power Within Training and Development’s Business Growth Academy for the Construction Industry is the only course of its kind in the UK.