That one person you can always rely on?



When you think of that one person, you can always rely on to guide and support you, who is it?


Who can you always trust?


Whose judgement do you have unwavering faith in?


Who is passionate and driven about your business above all others?


Your business partner, your husband, your wife?


It would be best if you trust all of the above, but…


For me, that person is always MYSELF.


What about you? Did you answer yourself?


If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.

….Thomas Edison



We must learn to trust ourselves completely, both in business and life.


Of course, that doesn’t mean we never ask for help; I have a fantastic business partner, confidant and friend who also happens to be my wife; yes, she is my rock, sounding board.


I also have a few business mentors who help guide me when I have gaps in my learning or knowledge.


However, there’s a skill in knowing when and how to do that. We must have absolute faith in where we are headed in life and business, a complete focus on what we need to do to get there and the consistency to keep moving forward no matter what is thrown at us.


When we learn how to be better leaders, we gain the confidence to lead teams successfully and make better business decisions.


When we understand the things that give us purpose, meaning and energy, we gain vital knowledge about how to bring out the best in ourselves and of others.


When we learn to embrace challenges and take responsibility for our actions, we feel liberated and powerful.


When we learn to trust others, we also give them a sense of liberation and accountability, but this can only happen once you learn to trust your gut instinct beyond all others.


I always had drive and ambition.


And I always had a vision of where I wanted to take my company.


Because of this growth mindset, I was always open-minded and could see opportunities come my way, which led to a great corporate career for many years.


Successful people have fear, successful people have doubts, and successful people have worries. They just don’t let these feelings stop them.

T. Harv Eker



But it wasn’t until I left that career and started this business that I truly learned how important it is to back yourself completely.


I have become my own biggest supporter.


To do that, I have committed to a few key things:



1. Learning – This has changed the course of my life many times. Every day I want to learn more about myself, my business, team, and my clients; I have a never-ending thirst for it.



2. Goal-setting – I believe this is vital for everyone in the business and one of the critical areas we teach within our programmes. I have developed an effective goal-setting system that is easy to follow and implement, making setting and sticking to your goals easier. I use it myself daily, and so does my team.



3. Personal growth – As humans and leaders, we have to grow. We have to embrace the situations we face – whether positive or negative – and understand what they are teaching us and how they are helping us grow. We learn that all situations move us forward. Somehow when we do this, we start to believe in our ability to adapt to and handle any circumstances that come our way, which is invaluable to us as business leaders.



At The Power Within, we have a fantastic team, and I certainly don’t do things alone. However, as an individual – and a leader – within the business, I see it as my role to be the best, most resilient, adaptable, focused and confident person I can be.


And to do that, I have had to learn to build unshakeable trust in myself, my actions and my decisions.


Being a great leader starts with working on yourself. We help create inspiring, confident and influential leaders by teaching them the MQ mindset tools and techniques they need to think bigger, be better and achieve more than they ever thought possible.


If you’re ready to take the next step to become the best leader you can be and to sky-rocket your business success, book a complimentary chat about how to get you started or get on our free MQ 2hr Executive Overview MQ training session…


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James Fleming

The Power Within Training,

The Motivational Intelligence Company



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