The 5 most challenging questions you can ask yourself in business…….



I believe our success is partly due to the nature of the questions we ask ourselves and others.


Using questions to challenge ourselves, we can achieve realisations crucial to our success as business owners or leaders.


In business, asking ourselves the right questions can bring clarity, inspiration, purpose and action.


The right questions are progressive rather than critical, driving us forward rather than making us feel stuck.



Part of being successful is about asking questions and listening to the answers.

Anne Burrell



Goal-setting is a crucial part of any business – we must know our objectives and where we want to end up before starting our journey. “Start with the end in mind.”


Effective goal setting is essential to business success and is something we teach through our Business Growth Academy and our Leading With Motivational Intelligence (MQ). 


But once we know our goals, how do we keep ourselves on track towards achieving them? I believe we do that by asking ourselves some key questions…….challenging ourselves to think and be honest about how we’re performing, what we’re achieving and what we can continue to improve.


Asking ourselves the right questions isn’t easy – it’s sometimes tough to answer these questions honestly. But it always moves us forward somehow, and that’s why we do it.


Here are the 5 most important questions I believe we can ask ourselves to aid our business success……


1- What will I do today to move closer to my goals

We call this setting your High Payoff Activities (HPA’s), looking at your week ahead and asking yourself, what 5 things can I do today that will drive my business forward. Do this for each day of the working week.



2- What could derail me from my plans this week, and how will I handle it if it does?



3- What one thing could I have done better or more effectively this week to drive me closer to success

This is the self-reflection process and enables you to look at failures, losses or letdowns as a win or learning process, helping to build your elf-esteem



4- How will I inspire those around me today?

We have the power to make others feel bad or feel good; we should use this power to help and inspire those around us. 



5- Where am I not taking enough action or procrastinating on?

Another self-reflection process allows you to look at where you are moving in the right direction or repeating the same mistakes. 



The definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result.

Albert Einstein



These are just some examples, and through experimenting with different questions over time, we’ll find those that help and inspire us the most.


Some will be more effective when asked daily, some weekly and some monthly or quarterly. 


But getting into the habit of challenging ourselves, pushing ourselves and holding ourselves accountable is the real benefit – that’s what drives us forward and generates the positive momentum that will translate into business success.



If you are going to ask yourself life-changing questions, be sure to do something with the answers.

Bo Bennett.



However, there’s one essential factor we cannot miss out on – once we have the answers to our questions, we must act on them. We must take action. Otherwise, we’re armed with the information we’re not using to our advantage.


Part one is asking ourselves the right questions, part two is giving honest and constructive answers, and part 3 is using those answers to take action and make changes.


Learning to progressively challenge ourselves is part of having a growth mindset, which is essential for long-lasting business success. 



Self-reflection is asking yourself questions about your values, strengths and weaknesses, and your perceptions about yourself and others and learning from them.

James Fleming



Through our unique Motivational Intelligence (MQ) framework, we teach individuals and business leaders to develop the mindset tools and skills to help them become masters at gaining clarity, understanding and growth to drive the actions needed to achieve their goals. 


Whether our world-first Executive Diploma in Leading With Motivational Intelligence (MQ) or our Business Growth Academy, we help leaders and emerging leaders get ahead of the competition and build their businesses for long-lasting success.



James Fleming

The Power Within Training,

The Motivational Intelligence Company


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