I remember it clearly – that feeling, I was so close to running out of money that I had just sold my car, something told me that things would be ok.


It was 2017 – Enas and I had returned to Scotland from the Middle East, and we’d started The Power Within Training. I’d splashed out on a nice new car when we got back to the UK, assuming that there would be cash coming into the business almost as soon as we got up and running.


But there wasn’t. Not enough anyway.


A few months went by, money was getting tight, and a small sense of panic was building inside me.


Soon it was obvious I needed to generate cash, and the car would have to go…..so I arranged a sale through one of these quick-sale websites, and it was due to be collected a couple of days later.


I was gutted it had come to that, but at the same time, my belief in the future of our business was strong as ever.


The next day – just hours away from handing over my car – I turned up at a business event with as much energy and enthusiasm as I always did; those who know me will know exactly what I mean.


I got chatting to a woman at that event…..and that was the meeting that changed the course of our business.


We ended up delivering a series of leadership sessions for her niece’s company in Birmingham, which in turn led to further work, and the spark was lit. We were off.


I am 100% sure that if we have a strong enough belief in our ability and take enough positive action, we will achieve our desired outcomes.


And so it has proved.


At The Power Within Training, we teach people how to think bigger, be better and achieve more – something we also practice every day ourselves.


We never lose faith in our mission, and we never lose faith in our ability to achieve it.


So what happened to my car? Well, I cancelled the sale and kept it, and I haven’t looked back since!


Our Business Growth Academy and Motivational Intelligence (MQ) Leadership programmes help business owners and leaders build a more profitable, successful business while adding precious time back into their lives…..and, depending on your industry, has a fully-funded option for those who meet the criteria.


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