The difference between commitment and motivation?


Not many people realise there’s a big difference between commitment and motivation.


Both are essential for success, but here’s what makes them different.


Commitment is a long-term state, while our levels of instant motivation can fluctuate. 


When we are genuinely committed to our goals (Motivational Intelligence), we show up every day and work towards them, whether we feel motivated or not. 


Successful businesses and leaders absolutely commit to their goals – they have clear outcomes of working towards a long-term vision, and they communicate this regularly. 


Most of the time, they will have high levels of motivation to achieve their desired outcomes…but the critical thing is that they do the work even on the days when their internal motivation is low, but their motivational intelligence is high. 


They do what needs to be done because of their underlying commitment to their vision, business and long term goals.


Since Enas and I founded The Power Within Training Five years ago, we have absolutely committed to our goals during this time. There have been tough times, uncertain times and significant challenges along the way……but our commitment to our vision and what we want to achieve has never faltered.


We learned to develop the complete game of business growth and development. 


Learning as we go, committing to our weekly high payoff actions/activities (HPA’s) and, more importantly, consistently reflecting on how or week/month has gone.


We never knew when it would come, but we believe with all our heart and soul that one day all the hard work, commitment, disappointments, and tears would pay off, and we would get to see that vision become a reality.


Because of that commitment to our vision, we’ve kept going, we’ve kept showing up, and because of that, our business has continued to grow and develop, allowing us to achieve many of our goals along the way.


The businesses we work with at The Power Within also have a considerable level of commitment – every time a business or a leader joins one of our programmes, they demonstrate how committed they are to their future success, they want to change.


“It’s in the want to we find the how-to in life”


And because of that, they do the work even on the days when they might not feel like doing it.


Motivation certainly makes our life easier and more enjoyable….but commitment is the thing that will provide us with long term results; that’s Motivational Intelligence 101.


We’re motivated when we enjoy what we do when we see the value in what we’re working on, and when we start to see results.


But we’re committed when we believe wholeheartedly in our long-term vision and when we believe wholeheartedly in our ability to achieve that vision. 


Both commitment and motivation drive us to take action.


BUT without action, there is no success, so both are necessary to drive our business forward.


Commitment comes from having clarity of our goals, a growth mindset (MQ) and a strong vision of what success looks like in our future.


At The Power Within, our vision is crystal clear…..and as part of our development programmes, we help other businesses and leaders lock in their own goals and vision. Enabling them to attain their desired outcomes, so their levels of commitment and motivation are sky-high, just like ours are.


Book in now for a free chat to see how we can help you create the complete game to drive your business forward.



James Fleming

The Power Within Training,

The Motivational Intelligence Company



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