The most disruptive and turbulent of times to be a leader.


We are in the midst of our generation’s most disruptive and turbulent times. The impacts are being felt in every area of our lives. From education to our economy, from our businesses to our homes, nothing has been spared.


As leaders, we must help our teams navigate these dynamic times, cope with the changes they bring, and innovate to help our organizations and business thrive. 


We intuitively know there is a better way, a better strategy, a better approach is needed now more than ever before.


“What you think you become.”  

………………………………………………….Gautama Buddha, 560 BC


For thousands of years, humankind’s most remarkable minds have recognized that the key to overcoming obstacles and achieving a high level of performance in any endeavour is in our thoughts and beliefs. 


For it is our dominant thoughts and beliefs that continually give birth to our actions. It is true for us as individuals. It is also true for the businesses and organizations we lead.


We know that IQ and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) play a role in our success; however, in 2016, researchers at Harvard University made a startling discovery about the human mind. 


This discovery proved to be the key to helping individuals and teams successfully navigate times of turbulence, transition, and change.


These advances in neuroscience have shown the third type of human Intelligence, our Motivational Intelligence (MQ). 


It is the most influential type of Intelligence regarding personal performance and overall success. 


Why is this true? Because Motivational Intelligence defines how people act and react to everything we experience in life. 


Motivational Intelligence defines whether a person will fight or flight. 


It defines if they will make excuses or take ownership. 


It defines if a person will struggle or succeed.


The research supporting the impact of MQ has already won a Nobel Prize and has been called


“one of the most significant scientific advancements of the 21st century.”


Today, we now know that low motivational Intelligence (MQ) is the root cause of virtually every performance issue we face in the business world today.


Working with top researchers at Harvard, Stanford, Yale and Oxford Universities, we have developed our Leading with Motivational Intelligence Executive Diploma program.  


In 1965, at Cornell University, Dr Michael Beldoch discovered the emotional Intelligence or EQ aspect of the human mind. Yet, it took more than forty years before mainstream awareness about the impact of emotional Intelligence and training systems began to emerge to teach people how to increase their EQ.


Motivational Intelligence was discovered in 2016. 


If mainstream awareness follows the same pattern as it did for EQ, it will be decades before MQ gets woven into every aspect of our society. 


However, you have an opportunity to put yourself and your organization ahead of the crowd. 


You have an opportunity to engage your people better and help them to adapt to change more readily. 


You can leverage MQ to shift people away from the fixed mindsets that hold them and your organization back. You can leverage MQ to drive innovation and drive your success.


The Leading with Motivational Intelligence course has been ranked as one of the top leadership development programs in the world for three consecutive years. 


You owe it to yourself to find out why.


Leading with Motivational Intelligence (MQ) teaches leaders how to remove the limiting beliefs within our teams, beliefs that create low MQ and fixed mindsets. 


By removing these beliefs, your people inherently adopt a growth mindset causing them to become more accountable, adaptable, resilient, and engaged, creating an innovative approach to change.



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