Elizabeth Walford

Director of Business Development (UK).

It is with great excitement the Directors of The Power Within Training and Development Limited announce the latest senior appointment within the team to the role of Director of Business Development (UK). Elizabeth Walford joins the Power Within leadership team with this new remit located in the companies London office.


During a significant career in the corporate and business world, Elizabeth realised there was an obvious need for great leaders. It was clear that whilst many companies out there are selling the “tools” to mimic leadership there was no one teaching people how to become a leader at that identity level. Elizabeth says “I’ve had a fascination of understanding how to get the best from people in terms of connection and influence and through that fascination I have researched, interviewed and worked with industry leaders of behaviour and influence and it became clear to have strength, influence and power comes from tapping into the true leader within yourself – holding a spanner doesn’t instantly make you a plumber or an engineer, even if you know how to use it.”


Elizabeth joins the already strong team at The Power Within at an exciting time of growth, advancement and change. The Power Within has seen great success as a business during the last twelve months thanks to the team’s ability to unlock the power of motivational intelligence to pivot, adapt and thrive – even in the face of adversity.


Elizabeth continues “This is what made this new opportunity with Power Within so exciting as they are creating impactful leaders through Motivational Intelligence that taps into the biology of any human to lead even through turbulent times. Poor leadership causes financial loss, mental health issues and bad cultures, yet not many companies know how to manage these situations appropriately.”


James Fleming, Managing Director says “Myself, Enas and the entire team here at The Power Within are pleased to welcome Elizabeth to the team. Following a stringent and highly competitive recruitment process, Elizabeth was clearly the right candidate for us and we all look forward to working with her to support the UK’s businesses and organisations moving forward”.


For Elizabeth being able to be part of the movement of creating positive and impactful leadership has been something she has always been interested in but she never found something that she believed in that could make that happen until being introduced to The Power Within and their chosen technology Motivational Intelligence.


“We are creating the movement to intelligent leadership and the evolution of corporate and business culture” a passionate Elizabeth adds.


The Power Within Training and Development is at the forefront of entrepreneurial development and training for individuals from all walks of life across the UK. Founded by husband and wife duo James and Enas Fleming, The Power Within offers a range of training and development programmes focused on the principles of motivational intelligence, partnering with a range of funders including Skills Development Scotland and the Construction Industry Training Board to offer fully-funded training solutions.


As global partners of 2logical, The Power Within are proud to be bringing the World’s first SQA Approved Executive Diploma in Leading with Motivational Intelligence. The diploma is built upon the best practices, strategic insights and lesson learned over three decades of building leadership universities for Fortune 500 companies. The principles and strategies taught have been successfully implemented in more than 90 countries and on six continents.





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