Training and Development, Does It Really Work?


With the rapid change in business to business sales, business growth opportunities and an increase in smaller, easy adaptable competition, and the great resignation in our midst, staff training and development are now even more critical than ever before.


The nature of the job role and function has changed, employee expectations have changed, the newer professionals coming into your business aren’t satisfied in their jobs if they’re not given several opportunities to learn, grow and develop.


The current and future working generations want more. A massive 90% of the Z generation workers rate professional training & development as one of the most important factors when choosing an employer. Soft skills are the number one requirement for this new working generation. 


It’s not just Gen Z employees, either – savvy professionals of all ages know they need to continually develop their skills to stay relevant in the workplace these days. 


Often, they don’t have the time or money to invest in upskilling outside of work, so they look to their employer for support in this area.


The right type of training fuels motivation and inspires you or your employees to want to do more, and with the right mix of training, they want to achieve more.


Training and development programs boost morale, employee satisfaction, and succession planning. Any time you invest in your employees by providing or supporting upskilling opportunities, they feel more valued and grow more loyal to the company. 


What’s more, when your employees learn new skills, they put themselves in a position to take the next step on their career path with the company, and that’s a win-win.


The employee gets a desired promotion, and the organisation fills an important position with an experienced, skilled worker who has plenty of institutional knowledge and can hit the ground running.


It boosts your bottom line.


Though the correct type of training & development programs can cost money, they will also provide a strong ROI. 


For one thing, it’s often easier and cheaper to address skills gaps in your company by training your current employees rather than going out and hiring new ones.


For another, employees who feel like they don’t have the opportunity to grow and move up at their current company tend to leave for other opportunities.


That means you have to replace them, and the costs involved in the recruitment and hiring process are high, from advertising the position to potentially paying a signing bonus to the new person. 


And that’s not even considering the time it takes to train the new person once they’re on the job and the loss of knowledge and experience the former employee took with them when they left.


Even if you’re convinced your company should be investing in training & development opportunities, you may not have a good sense of implementing them in your organisation. 


Creating learning & development opportunities at your company isn’t just smart; it’s critical to the health and growth of your organisation. 


Forward-thinking companies that consider what they want their staff to learn and what training and development methods are best for their goals to reap the benefits with employees who are better at their jobs, more motivated and more likely to remain with the company.


Choosing the right company is critical: 


Think about this? 


How many training and development courses have you attended in the past?


  • You came back from the training motivated and eager to implement what you have learned, yet after only a few weeks or a few days, you go back to your old habits, forgetting everything you have learned. 


  • Worst case scenario, you did not get what they were teaching could not see how this could work in your business, industry or role, so you just never tried.




All training and development programs that require change must answer three fundamental questions:


  1. Q1- You need to think it’s a good idea
  2. Q2- What’s in it for me
  3. Q3- Am I capable of achieving the results


At The Power Within Training, all our programs are designed to ensure we answer all three questions. 



And not only that:


Twelve months after completing the course, more than 93% of participants continue to use the skills and techniques taught on a daily basis.


During the learning process, we ensure that each learner has the tools, techniques and mindset to execute these learnings in their personal and professional lives, creating the complete game of leadership and management. 


Are you interested in finding out more and ensuring the future of your business or organisation?



Drop me a PM or Email, and let’s have a chat.



James Fleming

The Power Within Training,

The Motivational Intelligence Company


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