Two days changed the course of my life forever.


Eight years ago, my life was ticking along as normal – I enjoyed my work most of the time, life was pretty good, and I had everything on paper that I needed to be happy.


But something was missing. It had been missing for a few years. But I could never quite put my finger on what ‘it’ was.


I was highly successful in the eyes of those around me, had a great job, making great money, had a loving and happy relationship, and had not too many worries.


But a nagging feeling inside me told me there was more to life than what I was experiencing.


There was a small voice that got a tiny bit louder every time I ignored it. That voice said there was something more, something else, something different I was meant to do.


Shortly after turning 40, I experienced two events that changed my life and put me on a new path toward my true purpose.


Firstly, whilst sitting at my desk in Dubai, browsing through LinkedIn, I read an article about a palliative nurse who had studied the biggest regrets of those in her care who were at the end of their lives. 


Two of the five biggest regrets resonated so profoundly, literally bringing me to tears.


1) “I wish I had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected from me.”


2) “I wish I had stayed in touch with my family and friends more often.”


There I was, tears running down my face in front of my computer, and it hit me like a ton of bricks, leading me to a profound realisation.


I realised I was chasing the wrong things in life: job titles, wealth, the approval of others. I knew deep down that these were not the things that truly mattered to me. 


I always knew my life purpose was to help people to grow within the business, develop themselves and never stop learning, to be the happiest and most successful version of themselves that they could be.


Its what I have always done as a leader within the business


This purpose lit me up when I worked with my employees and teams; it helped bring the best out of them. That purpose sparked something inside me when I thought about how I could create change in others.


It started the clock ticking inside me with that desire to follow my gut instinct.


The second life-changing event for me occurred during my first ever marathon, the Dubai marathon. I had trained hard, running mile after mile, day after day, weekend after the weekend; I wanted to give it my best shot. 


Around mile 22, I began experiencing excruciating pain in my legs and cramps as I had never felt before; I seriously contemplated giving up. I tried walking, a slow job, but nothing was working.


I’ll never forget the mental battle within my mind that day about whether to continue or stop; it was 29 Deg C, my legs were on fire, I was done.


But I kept going; I dug deep, telling myself repeatedly, you’re almost there, James, keep going; I allowed my mind to take over the pain, ignoring everything I was feeling to sprint across the finish line.


That day reflecting on the last 4 hrs, I realised the power of the mind.


The Power Within Training was born in my mind that very day. 


I believed in my cause; I knew I could teach others to understand and use the power of their minds just as I had done.


I had been doing it for years within my role, and I knew then that it was time to make a significant life change. 


Shortly afterwards, Enas and I moved back to Scotland from the Middle East and started our company that has now changed thousands of lives for the better.


Our business still lights us up every day, and it’s, without a doubt, the best decision we’ve ever made.


I’m sharing this because some of you reading it might be where I was – with a nice comfortable life, things ticking over ok but wondering if there’s more, or trying to figure out what’s missing in your life.


At The Power Within Training & Development, we help people utilise the power of their minds to think bigger, be better and achieve more. 


We help them become better leaders, understand their purpose, strengths, and core drivers and how to use these tools to build better businesses and happier lives.


We all have the potential to carve out our own success stories – let us help you begin yours.


Book in now for a free chat to see how we can help you create the complete game to drive your business forward.



James Fleming

The Power Within Training,

The Motivational Intelligence Company



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