Whenever James Bond is caught in a bind or a dire situation that would drive most mere mortals into a world of despair, his mind abstains from such a place. 


He is propelled forward with a mental capacity defined by creativity, motivation, influence, determination, and grit. 


However, a super-spy hero such as James Bond—or perhaps Ethan Hunt from Mission Impossible—does not just exist in the world of fiction; these characters live in everyday life. 


The same virtuous traits found in our spy heroes are the traits hidden in plain sight in the superheroes who live and walk amongst us in every aspect of society. 


The Trigger Traits of Success vs Failure


Like our fictional heroes, our true-life heroes all face life’s challenges, setbacks, obstacles, naysayers and even villains – and yet each acts and reacts in a way that propels them from the grip of despair and inevitable failure to a place of unprecedented victory and success. 


Great leaders see the influence of motivation, accountability, creativity and culture across their team every single day and use these traits and characteristics to propel their team forward through times of diversity, transition and turbulence, just like our fictional heroes.


They see it in how open or close-minded their people are; they see it if there is discretionary effort or not; they see it every time they are looking to move the team in a new direction – whether there is buy-in or resistance.


Yet, while they recognise the incredible impact of motivation, they often struggle with one fundamental question.


How can I positively impact my team’s motivation in transitional times?


Leaders ASK, Managers, TELL!


The Power Within Training has specialised in leveraging cutting-edge psychology (MQ) to develop executive talent within the most iconic companies worldwide by implementing two communication and development levels: Management (behaviours, skills, best practices, actions) and Leadership (thoughts, beliefs, performance, mindset).


Change and transition can be uncomfortable, but it’s important not to keep playing it safe. By utilising Motivational Intelligence (MQ), we give you the skillset to focus on the human side of the business, evolving your team to navigate efficiently through turbulence and transition.


So what is Motivational Intelligence?


Motivational Intelligence has existed since the inception of humankind. However, it is so outside of the collective view and vernacular of the populace that it might as well be hidden in cloak-and-dagger intrigue and secrecy. 


Nevertheless, like the force of gravity, its intangible yet majestic power – once defined – can be found at the epicentre of all humanity’s accomplishments, failures and everything in between.


As a business leader, to shun its existence and significance is to seal both you and your people’s fate in mediocrity, despair, and over time, inevitable failure.


If you’re looking to be a more influential leader during transitional times, able to elevate the success of your whole team, this is the proper conversation for you.


I look forward to having it with you.


James Fleming

The Power Within Training

The Motivational Intelligence Company




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