Why failure is a choice…..


Some of the worst things that happen to us in business can turn out to be blessings.


Rejection, disappointment, setbacks……you might wonder how can these deliver positive outcomes?


Well, because they ALWAYS tell us something. 


Every setback gives us more information than we had before, and that can only be a good thing…….because we then have a chance to learn from that experience, gain new knowledge, and move forward even more positively and with more certainty than before.


Some people are so scared of failure that they’d rather never try, so they know they can never fail. 


For me, a life without trying and a life without failure was never an option.




Because I have a growth mindset, I believe that we learn or win from every experience, and I believe that every outcome in life – good or bad – is helpful to us in some way, shape or form.


It all comes down to how we view failure……to me; it’s all about how we view the word failure and its meaning.


If it raises negative connotations, it will be perceived as a negative outcome, positive connotations, positive outcome.


We’ve all heard the saying rejection is redirection……and it’s so true. It all comes down to our perspective and to how we choose to view these situations.


That’s right; we get to choose the way we see it.


So, we can choose to see the setbacks as something to stop us in our tracks. Or we can choose to see them as bumps in the road and essential learnings and opportunities that move us closer to our goals in life.


To me, the only failure would be giving up because I believe so strongly in what I do, we all should or what’s the point?


The beauty of learning to operate in a growth mindset zone is that nothing can beat you down anymore…..because you see the world differently, you act differently.


When I think of failure, I also think of opportunity; they come hand in hand, we win, or we learn… it’s all part of the journey.


This mindset or thought process, coupled with learning the business skills to help you achieve success – makes you an unstoppable machine.



And that’s where we come in.


Our Motivational Intelligence Solutions- the first of its kind – will help you break through comfort zones, fears, and self-doubt, define and communicate impactful goals, implement tactical strategies and put in place systems that really work for you, your business or your team.



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