I’ve never seen anyone reach their ultimate success goals through luck, have you?


It may seem like luck, but anyone who has created success in their life knows there is something else entirely going on.


We all know that person who seems to get lucky, and things always seem to fall into place for them (indeed, some people would probably think that of me), but I can guarantee that things never fall into place long-term for someone who isn’t willing to put in the work and take the right actions.


Of course, we all have moments of good fortune in life. But over the long term, through the course of our life, it’s hard work, laser focus on the end goal and consistent action that brings us fortune and makes us rich in life.


I first learned the value of hard work through my dad. He ran his own business as a carpet fitter and taught me that hard work is the foundation for any level of long-term success.


And I still know and surround myself with people today who work hard, work smart and more importantly, know where they are going.


But I also meet many people, and many leaders, who base their future outcomes on hope….hope that they’ll get lucky and things will work out the way they want them to, hope that they’re doing enough.


That’s just not how it works.


And it’s why many people give up on their goals when things don’t go well initially or when things don’t take off exponentially on the first try.


The way I look at it is this. All of the years I’ve worked hard up until now have been building my skills and knowledge and helping me gain clarity on everything I want to achieve in my life.


But even more importantly, I’ve been paying my success tax all of those years too. So now that I’m enjoying the kind of life I have always wanted, I see that paying my success tax all of these years was really worth it to get to this point.


Take the hit Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit as an example – writer Allan Scott spent 30 years working on getting the programme on TV screens. He even re-wrote it 9 times! He definitely paid his success tax……and has reaped the rewards many years later. Nobody could ever say this was down to luck.


So, if you have goals in business or in life, whatever you do, don’t rely on luck to achieve them.


Put the work in, acquire the skills, make the contacts, grow, and learn every day and you won’t have to rely on anything or anyone because it will happen for you.


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