Why your biggest challenges are also your greatest teacher


Not every day goes the way we want it to go; in fact, they tend to go wrong or hit a stumbling block when we least expect it.


But every day teaches us something if we choose to see it with an open mind.


And our most challenging days are our greatest teachers.


It might not always feel like it, but it’s because we have something to learn when things tend to go wrong. So actually, that can only be a good thing if we choose to look at it that way.


And the one thing about being a business owner is that it always comes back to us in the end – our decisions, our choice, handling of a situation, self-management, and planning.


As leaders, the best question we can ask ourselves is, ‘What is this teaching me? What lesson must I learn?’.


When things go wrong, it’s easy to blame others. It’s easy to feel like lady luck failed us. 


There is a great quote by John Wooden, one of the greatest basketball coaches of all time:

“You can make mistakes, but you’re not a failure until you start blaming others for those mistakes.”


It’s easy to blindly move on to the next thing without reflecting on what happened.


But a true leader looks inwards. 


Maybe there are issues with staff……what role have you played in those? Maybe there are issues with products……how have you contributed to those? Maybe there are challenges around sales…..what can you do differently in the future to change that? Maybe your customers aren’t happy……how can you take responsibility for that?


True business leaders, well;


They dont make excuses!

They act as a role model for others!

They coach & mentor employees!

They foster a culture of responsibility!


Looking at ourselves when things go wrong isn’t about beating ourselves up or being self-critical – quite the opposite. It’s about reflecting on our actions and understanding our decisions, then taking the learnings from the situation.


Doing this helps us become better people, business owners, and leaders.


It’s not easy! But it’s all part of having a growth mindset and seeing the journey of becoming the best leaders we can be as a learning process.


To learn to be great leaders, we have to open our eyes and minds to what our business is teaching us every day.


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