Are you eligible for the fully funded workshop?

  • Aged 16 or over and
  • Unemployed and looking to get back into work OR
  • Employed, earning less than £22,000 per year salary OR
  • Business Owner, earning less than £22,000 per year salary (not revenue)
  • And- Resident in Scotland at time of application


Our Award Winning Workshop is back !

Self-Leadership Development

Self-leadership is the one skill that will significantly impact your business, career, team, and even life’s happiness.

It’s a bold and decisive decision to get back in the driver’s seat in your life and make the best of every single day – setting goals, shifting your mindset, and finding your purpose.

Our course will give you a solid grounding in various key areas essential to becoming a successful, self-confident, self-aware self-leader: building resilience, accountability and commitment to say and do what you are always putting off.

Upon completion, the candidate will build a solid foundation to motivate themself, peers, and team members. They will also develop competency and knowledge in providing direction and motivation to achieve consistent business, self and team success.

After attending your face to face workshop, you will also be given full access to our online self-leadership training portal. You will be able to continue your journey of self-development, ensuring you always have a system and process to fall back on when things get tough.

Self-Leadership Development 1-Day Workshop

Are you looking to take your Personal & Business Development to the NEXT level and gain real insight into what is holding you back?

Imagine finally developing a Growth Mindset, your Personalised Formula for Success that will Unlock Your Full Potential.

Enabling you to Finally go through life with a new sense of Confidence, Meaning, Passion & Purpose, knowing that you can achieve anything you want in life with An Unstoppable Drive & Determination

Whether you’re running a business, looking to progress into a managerial role, or getting back into work after a break, we help you develop the skills you need for success.

We show you how to create a growth mindset, introducing you to the self-leadership and management skills you need to secure your ideal role and start performing better, using high payoff action-planning techniques.

Please note, the course is fully funded however there is a small fee of £25 per person as breakfast, lunch and all day refreshments are provided.