What is the entrepreneurial Vision?


One thing that sets truly entrepreneurs apart from average leaders is Vision. The world’s most brilliant entrepreneurs see things before other people do. They recognise opportunities before they even exist and believe wholeheartedly in what they can achieve.


An entrepreneurial vision is a vision so strong they can see it stretching out before them; it’s a vision that is important to them that they’re willing to commit wholeheartedly to it and one so powerful that even the most significant obstacles are viewed as mere setbacks along the way….


“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Peter Drucker


Business Impact

For successful leaders and business owners, their entrepreneurial Vision isn’t centred around financial, material, or self-serving outcomes but instead focused on the business impact. Perhaps even thinking about ‘what difference they can make to the world?’ ‘How can they positively leave their mark?’, ‘What will their legacy be?’


To consciously stay focused on fulfilling their results, they look only on their path, often removing any distraction or drain on their time, such as comparing themselves to others, gossiping, scrolling on social media or other unhelpful past-times. When problems occur, and of course, they will, they’re not put off because they also see solutions and are willing to find as many answers as possible to achieve their Vision.


Instead of looking at problems or dwelling on negatives, this mental approach to overcoming business challenges helps them embrace challenges and hard times because they recognise it’s all part of the journey, learn from it, and move forward better informed than ever.


This state of continuously striving to improve usually means that when they achieve one Vision, they’re already working on the next.



Growing an entrepreneurial mindset


So, how can we all learn from these entrepreneurs?


Well, we, too, can learn to do many things they do, and we can build the same mindset they have. We can obtain crystal clarity on our Vision, business, and life. We can set goals accordingly, and these goals give us the best possible chance of achieving our desired outcomes.


We can learn to embrace setbacks and challenges like these entrepreneurs. We will see the learning and can learn to enjoy failure because of the lessons it teaches us.


 “It’s fine to celebrate success, but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.”- Bill Gates.


There is a skill to master in how to use our time wisely, prioritising the high-value tasks that will move our business forward and reducing the time spent on low-value activities that we aren’t good at or don’t enjoy. This mentality will help to achieve our dreams of wanting to live an inspired life, as we all want to feel like we’re making an impact, learning and building the kind of business and life we desire.


I’m here to remind you that this is possible, you can achieve this, but maybe it doesn’t feel like it comes naturally to you…and that’s ok.


That’s where we come in.


The Motivational Intelligence (MQ) experts

We’ve helped thousands of business leaders develop an entrepreneurial mindset, allowing them to create their Vision, set their goals, manage their time, embrace challenges and thrive during times of change, just like the world’s best entrepreneurs do.




Our unique Motivational Intelligence (MQ) framework will enable you to do all these things and more.


If you want to leap forward in your business or leadership success, this approach is essential and has been proven to be a critical factor in building business success.


We specialise in leveraging the entrepreneurial mindset and performance psychology of motivational intelligence (MQ), the same motivation used by some of the most successful and iconic companies worldwide.


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James Fleming

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